'Too long' indeed.
Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:06am

TaWISTeY is Tantalum-Tungsten-Iodine-Sulfur-Tellurium-Yttrium.

Straight away, I can tell you that Yttrium compounds cause lung disease, and that it will probably bond with either iodine or sulfur. Tantalum and Tellurium form quasicrystal structures - a worrying concept which is sort of like the equivalent of pi in symmetry: they are ordered, structured, but not in a repeating pattern. Tungsten, of course, is there to add weight, but will also happily bond with the Iodine if Yttrium doesn't want it. It's probably going to be toxic.

But! At least you're not radioactive or likely to blow up. ^_^


  • Oh boy. I believe I've done a thing.Twistey's username is too long to spellement, Sun Aug 19 8:33pm
    Specifically, a science. -Twistey
    • 'Too long' indeed. — HUInEsORn, Mon Aug 20 5:06am
      • Oh boy!twistedwindowpane, Sat Aug 25 6:31pm
        I'm a weirdly crystallizing, heavy poison that also causes lung disease and probably smells bad! That sounds exactly like me! Well, maybe not the "smells bad" part. I make sure to use deodorant.... more
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