I dunno, what horrible things do you want to do?
Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:09am

You've already formed Sulfur Hexafluoride, which is apparently a potent greenhouse gas which reacts violently with lithium. So if you were SMgF, you could probably get that kind of explosion from the magnesium.

There are three different manganese (Mn) fluorides, and a few for Molybdenum (Mo), but none of them strike any particularly interesting chords. And, er... Md, Mt, and Mc are all trans-uranic artificial elements; at that point you wouldn't care about the fluorine, because you're now a nuclear explosion.

I think SMgF is probably the most interesting, chemically-speaking; all three elements react with each other, so it'd be a sort of pot-luck soup of SF6 (greenhouse gas), MgF2 (anti-reflective coating that eats your bones), and MgS (a salt... that gives off horribly toxic H2S if it gets wet). And if they don't react, you've got the stink of sulfur, the white flames of magnesium, and the eats-your-bones of fluorine. What's not to like???


  • Sulfur and Fluorine are straightforward, but which M should I use (given, as may or may not have been mentioned before on this Board, it stands for Marisa)?
    • I dunno, what horrible things do you want to do? — HUInEsORn, Mon Aug 20 10:09am
      • All of them!SMgF, Mon Aug 20 10:19am
        But this one's also the most fun to pronounce as a word. XD I'm a stinking white fire that eats bones!
        • And exceptionally colourful!Huinesoron, Mon Aug 20 11:14am
          Sulfur, it seems, melts into a 'blood-red liquid' which burns a lovely shade of blue. And fluorine is a yellow-green, heavier-than-air gas. ... I cannot yet draw gases. hS
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