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Prompt One
Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:25am

Sorry if this is a bit too short!

Tiger didn’t have a very good track record when it came to birthdays. Last year, for instance, he’d only got two presents, and the year before that he’d just lost the competition to Holly.

He’d hoped this one might be a little better, but it seemed to be worse. At least this year he had got presents, even if there weren’t that many and one of them (Holly’s, of course) had literally blown up in his face.

The problem was that what was meant to be a party had soon turned into just another evening of darts. Tiger’s father had given him some money, but he had promptly lost it all by losing a round to Andy.

He’d decided to escape before he was bankrupted, and had slipped out unnoticed during a particularly dramatic match between Holly and Timothy. Cautiously, he opened the door to the throne room a crack.

There was no-one there, as he had expected, except a huge white tiger who lifted her head as he came in and shut the door softly behind him.

“It’s alright, Minty,” he said quietly. “Only me.”

He walked slowly over to the tiger, who now appeared to be asleep, and sat down on the red rug beside her.

“Just you and me,” he said sadly. “Just you and me.”

  • Hello Prompt, I'm Dad.Novastorme, Mon Aug 20 12:35pm
    Hello and welcome to another round of prompts. Not much else to say apart from prepare to get thinking (and maybe even writing) Prompt 1: It's your characters birthday Prompt 2: One of your... more
    • Hold StillCalliope and Mikelus, Tue Aug 28 3:52pm
      Ce’rana of Borune closed her eyes and settled into the hollow tree-trunk she was hiding in, taking pains to keep her breaths as quiet and shallow as possible. She didn’t expect her hiding spot to... more
    • Re: Hello Prompt, I'm Dad.Miah, Wed Aug 22 2:40pm
      "Happy birthday!" "The cake is on fire." "And?" Kelok pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "I'll get the fire extinguisher before it spreads to the bed again this year." "I'll get the plates!"
      • This is making me want more contextTomash, Wed Aug 22 4:15pm
        I can say it feels rather surreal and therefore funny. Minor note: "again" and "this year" are a bit redundant, but it's dialogue, so we could say that's just a thing that happens when people are... more
    • Both? Both is good!Delta Juliette, Tue Aug 21 5:20pm
      As far as birthdays went, Victoria Brown's nineteenth was shaping up to be pretty rotten. She'd graduated Hogwarts the June before, a witch ready to make her mark on the world. June had become July,... more
      • Nice chunk of backstory for BrownTomash, Wed Aug 22 2:02pm
        I particularly liked the description of the world fading. (Also, aren't incantations usually capitalized in Harry Potter ? I noticed on " lumos ")
    • Prompt One — Snowblaze, Tue Aug 21 6:25am
    • Prompt 2.Iximaz, Mon Aug 20 11:01pm
      ((Not an escape in the traditional sense, but I'd say this one counts.)) 8386071 stood still, stripped to the waist with his arms bound in front of him as the Mandalorian circled him slowly. “How... more
      • That was good overallTomash, Mon Aug 20 11:54pm
        I liked that you did a good job of giving a sense of how bewildering not being a slave anymore was. One thing I'm confused about (and this could be not knowing Star Wars well) is that Lorson not... more
        • My thought...Iximaz, Mon Aug 20 11:58pm
 that while Jaleth was curious enough to ask, he wasn't curious enough to find out for certain, and Lorson just had better things to do with his time. As far as they're both concerned, if he can ... more
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