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Wed Aug 22, 2018 2:17pm

You're actually doing the 40k fic!

*Is excited*

...*Very excited.*

Of course, I still need to do my writing. But I'm in a car heading toward Pittsburgh. Forgive me.

Also need to work on badfic games content. And cowrite stuff. And that other idea I had... Jeez, I have too many writing projects. I think that's a common affliction 'round here.

  • Why not?Neshomeh, Wed Aug 22 12:29pm
    Ankur Ket arrived from the inner reaches of his garden without fanfare, but no Astartes could help but draw attention to himself with his sheer presence. He stepped into position in the focal point... more
    • Re: Why not?Miah, Wed Aug 22 2:18pm
      I don't know 40k, but I love the picture painted in this quote. Also, I love the word inexorably. It's a cool word. And What nonsense is a good place to have it land, too.
    • Eeeeee! — Thoth, Wed Aug 22 2:17pm
      • Well, yeah! (Also, another thing!)Neshomeh, Thu Aug 23 11:59am
        Didn't I say I was? I couldn't leave poor Ket hanging out there as a hypothetical figment. {= ) Too many projects indeed. I thought about dropping quotes from my Skyrim fic and my Badfic Games piece, ... more
        • How did I almost forget about that?Thoth, Thu Aug 23 1:15pm
          Jeez, we have too many projects going. And I still have a mission. Which... I will put a paragraph from up here when I'm not in the middle of touring a university. Fun fact: The University of... more
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