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Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:03pm

I think the fact that Lux is crying really sells the gravity of the situation.

Very much looking forward to this when it comes out.

  • I've got one for you.Phobos, Wed Aug 22 12:46pm
    As the party moved forward, Kur'nak could tell that many were shaken by the scene. He didn't realize that he was shaken until he felt a small hand gripping his own. He looked down to see that Luxury, ... more
    • Wow. — Iximaz, Wed Aug 22 3:03pm
      • Thank you!Phobos, Thu Aug 23 10:55am
        Being that this story takes place almost entirely during the Invasion, I wanted to make sure that it had appropriate levels of Pathos. One way to do that is to take a usually comedic character and... more
    • Re: I've got one for you.Miah, Wed Aug 22 2:14pm
      That is a great quote.
      • Thank you!Phobos, Thu Aug 23 10:57am
        I was counting back from an unfinished paragraph, and didn't know if that counted as paragraph 1 or not. I could have gone back one more paragraph, but this one seemed better. -Phobos
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