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...Welp, I've been reading your stuff for too long.
Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:29pm

I read "Jake" as "Jack" and thought you were writing fanfiction. ^^;

  • Have two.Zingenmir, Wed Aug 22 10:05pm
    From an original story which is definitely my most recent bit of fiction writing: Jake rolled his eyes. “We had to go to my cousin’s, alright? It wasn’t anything like this. There was, like, a meal... more
    • Re: Have two.Miah, Thu Aug 23 3:02am
      So I'm guessing a wedding is being referenced in the first selection, but the one the characters are currently dealing with is odd or bad in some way. I liked the description of the cousin's. The... more
      • Close!Zingenmir, Sun Aug 26 11:39am
        It's actually an engagement party. The current one is...odd would be the right term: it's based on someone's idea of an engagement party, and thus doesn't really resemble reality. Glad you (and... more
      • Ditto on "sudden bits of singing." ^. ^ (nm)Neshomeh, Thu Aug 23 12:39pm
    • ...Welp, I've been reading your stuff for too long. — Iximaz, Wed Aug 22 10:29pm
      • Well, I mean.Zingenmir, Wed Aug 22 11:10pm
        I can now see how to very easily spin something from that that *would* be fanfic, but no, it's nothing to do with Jack beyond the fact that I do have that same double-take myself here and there. ~Z
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