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Re: Have a thing!
Thu Aug 23, 2018 3:05am

So, the characters sound like they may be a bit of scoundrels or con men with the talk of a bug score that could set them up for life, but the last line turns it around to pretty funny. Not that I think the characters will find it funny, but I do.

  • Have a thing!AC, Thu Aug 23 12:04am
    I'm always trying to write some epic fantasy thing or another, and they usually just fizzle out, so I doubt the thing this is from will go anywhere, but it's the tenth paragraph from the last thing... more
    • Re: Have a thing! — Miah, Thu Aug 23 3:05am
      • ^w^AC, Mon Aug 27 12:18am
        Yay, thank you! All that is literally exactly correct and how it's supposed to make you feel.
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