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Oh boy.
Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:43am

... That wasn't intended as a joke, but since my comment was going to be that it took me a second to get "Charlus," until I remembered that duh, everyone is male in ABO cuz girls have cooties or something... {= P

(Has anyone ever seen an all-female ABO fic? Disclaimer: I do not advocate going looking for or creating one.)

And the other one is even better by contrast with Ix being female and wearing a skirt at the time. ^_^


  • Well, from the mission I'm working on now...Iximaz, Wed Aug 22 12:25pm
    Ix yelped and fell off the sofa, landing with a whump . She tripped over her skirts as she stood, then hiked them up as she hurried to silence the console. Her face contorted. “We were supposed to... more
    • Oh boy. — Neshomeh, Thu Aug 23 11:43am
      • I went looking...Miah, Fri Aug 24 12:52am
        On AO3 there are about 600 f/f alpha/omega fics, but I think the exclusion criteria could definitely be stricter. After seeing a few tags I had not imagined existed, though I suppose I should have... more
      • The really funny part is...Iximaz, Thu Aug 23 2:01pm
        ...the first passage picks up right after her wedding, so it kinda jars horribly when compared to the Not Okay relationships you find in ABO. I haven’t found any all-female ABO before, but GMA might... more
    • That's still awfulThoth, Wed Aug 22 2:19pm
      And now I have to feel bad, because I sorta helped by shooting off all the awful ABO tropes I could think of in your presence. This BFG will be... entertaining.
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