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Well, yeah! (Also, another thing!)
Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:59am

Didn't I say I was? I couldn't leave poor Ket hanging out there as a hypothetical figment. {= )

Too many projects indeed. I thought about dropping quotes from my Skyrim fic and my Badfic Games piece, too, but there's no good tenth paragraph in the former (which tells me I probably need to do a fair bit of rewriting) and I just don't want to spoil the latter. And you went with the cowrite, which happened to land in a cool place, so that's all good. ^_^

But here's another thing still technically sort of in progress with more than ten "paragraphs," and this one works pretty well!

’Neath pyroclastic clouds begrayed,
on volatile Nikaea bayed
the brutish Wolves, and Guards inveighed
against their brothers; thus waylaid
were Magnus’ Sons of Prospero,
who true to faithless summons came,
and bore the burden of the name
of “sorcerer” in wretched shame
home to the Spires of Prospero.


  • Eeeeee!Thoth, Wed Aug 22 2:17pm
    You're actually doing the 40k fic! *Is excited* ...*Very excited.* Of course, I still need to do my writing. But I'm in a car heading toward Pittsburgh. Forgive me. Also need to work on badfic games... more
    • Well, yeah! (Also, another thing!) — Neshomeh, Thu Aug 23 11:59am
      • How did I almost forget about that?Thoth, Thu Aug 23 1:15pm
        Jeez, we have too many projects going. And I still have a mission. Which... I will put a paragraph from up here when I'm not in the middle of touring a university. Fun fact: The University of... more
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