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Alright, here's the extended version:
Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:52pm

The agent’s mild curiosity had turned into severe confusion. “You do realize no government has jurisdiction here, right? There’s no one who can tax goods.”

Bradbury took this curve-ball and, to mix a metaphor, ran with it. “Exactly. I can buy and sell anything here totally duty-free. Why do impede me in my quest? Do you hate the poor? Are you some kind of Communist? Are you some kind of Capitalist?! DO YOU WANT THE POOR TO HAVE MOLDY PLUMBING?!”

  • Re: Here's oneMiah, Wed Aug 22 11:14pm
    It may only be a srntence, but it is one heck of a sentence to catch someone shouting. I'd read more just because now I need to see what prompted it!
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