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I'll try not to be too long winded here...
Thu Aug 23, 2018 6:03pm

The character being spoken about did survive.

That line was Nathan Wuornos speaking to the antagonist of the story.

It's from a Haven AU fanfic. The fourth in a series (pretty far down the rabbit hole now) that started off with a 'What if a certain character (The Rev) had been interrupted in his attempt to murder a teenage girl by a different character than in the episode?' If it had been anyone else The Rev would have survived the encounter and been free to wreak much more havoc than he did when he returned as a ghost.

The first story revolves around that. The second two much shorter ones are a continuation of the AU world, and the one I haven't finished brings in a new bad guy and group.

The new bad guy essentially started a cult made up mostly of people who are still angry over things that happened in the first one, but some from canon events. His cult has a goal of 'reconciling' various people and groups with the town in a misguided attempt to make everyone get along. Their idea of reconciliation tends toward eye for an eye and the leader doesn't have the level of control he thinks he does of some of his followers who are really just out for revenge.

I could totally go on and on, but maybe cutting it off here keeps it from being too much.

  • Meep.Neshomeh, Thu Aug 23 12:05pm
    That's an intense line. It makes me wonder who's speaking and who's on the receiving end. And of course, "attempted" murder means they didn't succeed, so what happened? ~Neshomeh
    • I'll try not to be too long winded here... — Miah, Thu Aug 23 6:03pm
      • How did I know it was Haven?Neshomeh, Thu Aug 23 6:46pm
        Good guess, I suppose. Though I also thought it might've been Nathan talking to Duke, so only half-right. {= ) I'm gonna have to check this out at some point. I stopped watching Haven (don't recall... more
        • Re: How did I know it was Haven?Miah, Thu Aug 23 7:22pm
          It definitely went bad in the later seasons. I have never written anything set after mid-season 2, except maybe a few elements pulled in on character backstory from later seasons.
          • A bit off-topic, but...AC, Mon Aug 27 12:22am
            Now I don't feel bad about never making it past mid-season 2 and yet still considering myself a Haven fan despite that. :P
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