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How did I know it was Haven?
Thu Aug 23, 2018 6:46pm

Good guess, I suppose. Though I also thought it might've been Nathan talking to Duke, so only half-right. {= )

I'm gonna have to check this out at some point. I stopped watching Haven (don't recall exactly when, but I think it exceeded its shelf life after a few seasons), but it was fun, and it would be interesting to see a different take on it.

I also noticed it seems to be set in the same universe as The X-Files, since Audrey's FBI mentor non-coincidentally shares a name with Fox Mulder's? There have to be some interesting crossovers out there.


  • I'll try not to be too long winded here...Miah, Thu Aug 23 6:03pm
    The character being spoken about did survive. That line was Nathan Wuornos speaking to the antagonist of the story. It's from a Haven AU fanfic. The fourth in a series (pretty far down the rabbit... more
    • How did I know it was Haven? — Neshomeh, Thu Aug 23 6:46pm
      • Re: How did I know it was Haven?Miah, Thu Aug 23 7:22pm
        It definitely went bad in the later seasons. I have never written anything set after mid-season 2, except maybe a few elements pulled in on character backstory from later seasons.
        • A bit off-topic, but...AC, Mon Aug 27 12:22am
          Now I don't feel bad about never making it past mid-season 2 and yet still considering myself a Haven fan despite that. :P
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