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Re: Hmm... which paragraph shall I use?
Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:55pm

The first one makes me wonder what kind of school this person goes to. It is an oddly specific thing to assign, but I can come up several scenarios for it.

The second one definitely hits the weird note.

The third one, the character is kind of cute. In a good way.

  • Hmm... which paragraph shall I use?Snowblaze, Thu Aug 23 4:23am
    These are all from my original story. Here's the first paragraph: Rosie sighed as she stared at the beginnings of her English homework. Miss Lewis had set her class a thousand-word essay on “Why... more
    • Re: Hmm... which paragraph shall I use? — Miah, Thu Aug 23 7:55pm
      • A little contextSnowblaze, Fri Aug 24 2:39am
        For the first one, magic does actually exist, not that either Rosie or her teacher know at the time. That particular piece of homework won’t be turned in, because the plot gets in the way. And for... more
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