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Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:58pm

I understood a few of those! It's an improvement over my referemce getting skills a few months ago. The second paragraph paints a good picture even if I didn't catch a couple of words.

What are kattekri-tri and Los Taelis?

  • WIPHieronymus Graubart, Thu Aug 23 6:08am
    Currently, my only WIP is updating the Plort wiki, so here is the last edit that actually added a paragraph rather than just changed a few words: Since Cassie lost her Barony due to being absent too... more
    • Re: WIP — Miah, Thu Aug 23 7:58pm
      • ReferencesHieronymus Graubart, Fri Aug 24 5:43am
        The Kattekri-tri is a river referencing a "category tree". The second paragraph is actually from Los Taelis , a military center referencing Neshomeh's collection of "Lost Tales". Part of the current... more
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