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Re: A bit of a textwall, but let's do this!
Fri Aug 24, 2018 12:58am

So, this hits the tone to be a type of creation myth, and that seems to have been the aim. The Kraken certainly seems to be of the malevolent archetype for the world. I was surprised he survived. I first thought it was indicating he was dying. I think the Caiman did die? Or least didn't move much more in this paragraph. This was a very descriptive phrase "like salami shot from a mortar"

  • A bit of a textwall, but let's do this!SkarmorySilver, Thu Aug 23 9:24am
    "At that precise moment, there was a brilliant flash of light over the horizon, the entire world seeming to tremble. The Kraken's coincidental timing made him swell with selfish pride at being... more
    • Re: A bit of a textwall, but let's do this! — Miah, Fri Aug 24 12:58am
      • It IS a creation myth, yes.SkarmorySilver, Fri Aug 24 5:24pm
        While it follows Earth's natural history much more accurately than most such legends do, the elements of deities and chthonic monsters doing battle and changing the course of history worldwide are... more
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