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Not so rhetorical.
Fri Aug 24, 2018 10:32am

Pippin definitely considers the cloaks of Lorien magic; just as definitely, the elves of that wood don't. So the question 'are they magic' has a very Elvish answer - 'both yes and no'. To the elves, they're just craft.

I absolutely agree that Tolkien considered magic to mostly be making things, but the people in his world often didn't. No hobbit would say that being able to walk quietly was magical - but Big Folk certainly would! It's one of Tolkien's subtler messages that he snuck in: that magic, to the people who actually practice it, is just normal skill.

(This probably doesn't extend to Luthien pulling a Rapunzel; that's a bit different. Probably. But who knows? Maybe it was all the rage in Doriath back in the day.)


  • It seems to me that Tolkien has a very West African attitude towards magic, wherein magic is created by making things rather than saying words. So the answer to your obviously-rhetorical question... more
    • Not so rhetorical. — Huinesoron, Fri Aug 24 10:32am
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