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Here's something from a mission:
Fri Aug 24, 2018 2:11pm

Violet snickered and started combing his back. “Your fur’s just fine the way it is. Now hold still, I found a knot.” She sprayed it with the conditioner and pulled; the comb slid through with no trouble. “There we go. Thanks for letting me do this.”

And here's something from my FireRed Nuzlocke I need to get back to writing:

“You can’t Jedi mind trick people into helping us every time we don’t get our way!” Natalia scolded Julian once they’d passed the harbor entrance. “Someone’s probably going to call Officer Jenny on us next time, and then she’ll take my trainer card away!”

  • Quote your WIP gameMiah, Wed Aug 22 12:12pm
    Open the last writing project you worked on. Post the tenth paragraph from the last chapter you worked on. If it doesn't have chapters, go from the top or the bottom, your choice. If it doesn't have... more
    • Have something from Pleasant Dreams...?Calliope, Sat Aug 25 1:45pm
      The mask had no eye-holes. That was impossible, though. How could the woman be looking at her without eye-holes in her mask? She blinked; oh, yes, the eye-holes were there. They simply had tiny veils ... more
      • I wouldn't mind seeing it. (nm)Thoth, Sat Aug 25 2:20pm
        • Oooh! Yay!Calliope, Sat Aug 25 2:25pm
          A young woman spun in a circle, arms flung out to her sides, head tipped back to feel the rain on her face, long braid trailing in her wake. She laughed; the drops weren’t cold, stinging water, but... more
    • Here's one from a crossover I'm working on.Mikelus, Sat Aug 25 11:58am
      "The unknown warrior leapt into the air, flipping over a strike from the middle Ringwraith; in the process, they twisted and slashed at the nearest foe, knocking the thing back. Even in the middle of ... more
      • Haha, what?Neshomeh, Sat Aug 25 12:27pm
        I'm not sure you can do that to a Ringwraith. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think they really have physical bodies anymore? It's just the cloaks and hoods that give them shape? If... more
        • Explanations.Mikelus, Sat Aug 25 1:39pm
          You are correct that the cloaks and hoods give them shape. Gandalf describes it as "Giving shape to their shapelessness." Which is a good explanation for why they fear fire. Destroy the cloaks and... more
    • Here's something from a mission: — eatpraylove, Fri Aug 24 2:11pm
    • Ordeal of Fire and StoneGrundleplith, Fri Aug 24 10:11am
      "Y’know," the boy mused, as if to himself, "I have you figured out now, I think." The horned one remained silent, even as its fury smoldered, singing the earth beneath its clawed feet. "You’re... more
    • From "The Bone Man"Scapegrace, Fri Aug 24 9:47am
      Trent’s back arched and he coughed again, his whole body twisting with release and pain. Again and again he felt the rush come, break over him like waves or a collapsing dune. His face screwed up in... more
      • I would read this.Neshomeh, Sat Aug 25 12:31pm
        That paragraph is a little disturbing, and the context sounds fascinating. Good combination for generating interest! ~Neshomeh
        • Y'know what? You can!Scapegrace, Sat Aug 25 5:40pm
          You can read it here. =]
          • I don't even.Thoth, Thu Aug 30 7:13pm
            That was good. I just have no idea what was going on.
          • I'm sorry I took so long to read this.Neshomeh, Thu Aug 30 6:38pm
            First because it was rude of me. Second because wow, that is so cool! I have no idea what is actually going on, because I'm pretty sure this guy has silicosis from all the dust and I am quite sure no ... more
          • Hot DAMN that was beautiful. =OS.M.F., Sun Aug 26 9:38am
            That reward was truly well deserved. And the part that describes the pain as acting out of spite, and everything just drifting as the Bone Man does his work... absolutely wonderful.
      • That's inherently amazingLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Fri Aug 24 10:14am
        That sounds weird in just the right way, and that bloody paragraph you dropped on doesn't even reveal it - just the build-up!
        • Thanks!Scapegrace, Fri Aug 24 2:52pm
          It got a Merit for my MA Creative Writing course, so I'd say the finished product lives up to expectations. =]
    • So this sounds fun, I think.Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Fri Aug 24 3:18am
      Let's do it, I think. So I open up the latest chapter of my current project and count down ten paragraphs and what do I get but: “What’s your name? What are you doing here?” This is probably the... more
      • So that last one.Huinesoron, Fri Aug 24 4:48am
        Do you discuss what Tolkien actually means when he says 'magic'? There's some very telling quotes in the Lothlorien chapters, starting with this from Galadriel: "[The Mirror] is what your folk would... more
        • To some degreeSnowy the Sane Fangirl, Wed Sep 5 3:37am
          The scope of the essay I was writing was bigger than that, so I touched on it only briefly. You make some good points, but I would like to add an additional observation: "magic" in The Lord of the... more
        • It seems to me that Tolkien has a very West African attitude towards magic, wherein magic is created by making things rather than saying words. So the answer to your obviously-rhetorical question... more
          • Not so rhetorical.Huinesoron, Fri Aug 24 10:32am
            Pippin definitely considers the cloaks of Lorien magic; just as definitely, the elves of that wood don't. So the question 'are they magic' has a very Elvish answer - 'both yes and no'. To the elves,... more
          • Stupid HTML... (nm)Scapegrace, Fri Aug 24 9:55am
    • The trouble with this...Seafarer, Fri Aug 24 1:02am that, for a short story with no chapters, 10 paragraphs in is still pretty much setting the scene: " Elentur weaved his way through the crowd on the bridge, his friend keeping close behind him. ... more
    • A bit of a textwall, but let's do this!SkarmorySilver, Thu Aug 23 9:24am
      "At that precise moment, there was a brilliant flash of light over the horizon, the entire world seeming to tremble. The Kraken's coincidental timing made him swell with selfish pride at being... more
      • That was a whole bunch of words. (nm)eatpraylove, Fri Aug 24 2:12pm
      • Re: A bit of a textwall, but let's do this!Miah, Fri Aug 24 12:58am
        So, this hits the tone to be a type of creation myth, and that seems to have been the aim. The Kraken certainly seems to be of the malevolent archetype for the world. I was surprised he survived. I... more
        • It IS a creation myth, yes.SkarmorySilver, Fri Aug 24 5:24pm
          While it follows Earth's natural history much more accurately than most such legends do, the elements of deities and chthonic monsters doing battle and changing the course of history worldwide are... more
    • from "A Fistful of Hs"doctorlit, Thu Aug 23 8:56am
      "'Correct. The drainage of energy into Thirty Hs occurs at regular intervals. Since no spies or action agents have returned from the story, we have no evidence pointing to the cause.'" That's a... more
      • Re: from "A Fistful of Hs"Miah, Thu Aug 23 8:04pm
        It did take me a minute to remember Thirty Hs was a badfic! That is funny. The cause of that energy drainage will be interesting to read about when the report comes out.
    • What've we got?Huinesoron, Thu Aug 23 7:09am
      Oh, yes, that'll work: "Arr!" Daphne piped up, and giggled. "Arr! It be fire lizards, though." Yep, the Illian kids are out for another spin. ^_^ Daphne's like six now, it's ridiculous. hS
    • WIPHieronymus Graubart, Thu Aug 23 6:08am
      Currently, my only WIP is updating the Plort wiki, so here is the last edit that actually added a paragraph rather than just changed a few words: Since Cassie lost her Barony due to being absent too... more
      • Re: WIPMiah, Thu Aug 23 7:58pm
        I understood a few of those! It's an improvement over my referemce getting skills a few months ago. The second paragraph paints a good picture even if I didn't catch a couple of words. What are... more
        • ReferencesHieronymus Graubart, Fri Aug 24 5:43am
          The Kattekri-tri is a river referencing a "category tree". The second paragraph is actually from Los Taelis , a military center referencing Neshomeh's collection of "Lost Tales". Part of the current... more
    • Hmm... which paragraph shall I use?Snowblaze, Thu Aug 23 4:23am
      These are all from my original story. Here's the first paragraph: Rosie sighed as she stared at the beginnings of her English homework. Miss Lewis had set her class a thousand-word essay on “Why... more
      • Re: Hmm... which paragraph shall I use?Miah, Thu Aug 23 7:55pm
        The first one makes me wonder what kind of school this person goes to. It is an oddly specific thing to assign, but I can come up several scenarios for it. The second one definitely hits the weird... more
        • A little contextSnowblaze, Fri Aug 24 2:39am
          For the first one, magic does actually exist, not that either Rosie or her teacher know at the time. That particular piece of homework won’t be turned in, because the plot gets in the way. And for... more
    • Ooh, this is cool, I like thisLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Thu Aug 23 12:25am
      The chaplain has been frozen in glassbrick. Long and transparent and clear as air. The medbay (actually just an unused storeroom in the hold) lights are icy bright and gleam off it in lines. Though... more
      • Re: Ooh, this is cool, I like thisMiah, Thu Aug 23 3:10am
        It is a pretty weird scenario even in this paragraph. The medbay tbat is a storage room, the details of the lines gleaming, and the small chaplain trapped within, the cracks growing are all very... more
        • Yoyo is a weasel-cat-slug thing.Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Fri Aug 24 3:02am
          She has fifty eyes but keeps all but two of them inside her mouth. The chaplain is a chaplain of The Church of Saint Chromatophore, from the town of St Chromatophore, both of which don't exist, and... more
      • I like.AC, Thu Aug 23 1:14am
        Seriously, the description is great! Might not be very weird, but it's sorta unnerving somehow.
    • Have a thing!AC, Thu Aug 23 12:04am
      I'm always trying to write some epic fantasy thing or another, and they usually just fizzle out, so I doubt the thing this is from will go anywhere, but it's the tenth paragraph from the last thing... more
      • Re: Have a thing!Miah, Thu Aug 23 3:05am
        So, the characters sound like they may be a bit of scoundrels or con men with the talk of a bug score that could set them up for life, but the last line turns it around to pretty funny. Not that I... more
        • ^w^AC, Mon Aug 27 12:18am
          Yay, thank you! All that is literally exactly correct and how it's supposed to make you feel.
      • A fantastic sentence to land on without contextLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Thu Aug 23 12:29am
        It's nice dialogue, though, and real solid description of sort of, their actions. Just wishing you luck with this particular epic fantasy thing! Don't fizzle it mate!
    • Jeez, I've been off a few daysThoth, Wed Aug 22 10:59pm
      Centuries, and he still had difficulty getting the measure of his own feelings. Much less analyzing and choosing how to act. But feelings could come later. Right now, he need only be an instructor.... more
    • Here's mineMiah, Wed Aug 22 10:52pm
      "One attempted murder not enough for you? How many more vendettas do you have?"
      • Meep.Neshomeh, Thu Aug 23 12:05pm
        That's an intense line. It makes me wonder who's speaking and who's on the receiving end. And of course, "attempted" murder means they didn't succeed, so what happened? ~Neshomeh
        • I'll try not to be too long winded here...Miah, Thu Aug 23 6:03pm
          The character being spoken about did survive. That line was Nathan Wuornos speaking to the antagonist of the story. It's from a Haven AU fanfic. The fourth in a series (pretty far down the rabbit... more
          • How did I know it was Haven?Neshomeh, Thu Aug 23 6:46pm
            Good guess, I suppose. Though I also thought it might've been Nathan talking to Duke, so only half-right. {= ) I'm gonna have to check this out at some point. I stopped watching Haven (don't recall... more
            • Re: How did I know it was Haven?Miah, Thu Aug 23 7:22pm
              It definitely went bad in the later seasons. I have never written anything set after mid-season 2, except maybe a few elements pulled in on character backstory from later seasons.
              • A bit off-topic, but...AC, Mon Aug 27 12:22am
                Now I don't feel bad about never making it past mid-season 2 and yet still considering myself a Haven fan despite that. :P
    • Here's one61516, Wed Aug 22 10:35pm
    • Have two.Zingenmir, Wed Aug 22 10:05pm
      From an original story which is definitely my most recent bit of fiction writing: Jake rolled his eyes. “We had to go to my cousin’s, alright? It wasn’t anything like this. There was, like, a meal... more
      • Re: Have two.Miah, Thu Aug 23 3:02am
        So I'm guessing a wedding is being referenced in the first selection, but the one the characters are currently dealing with is odd or bad in some way. I liked the description of the cousin's. The... more
        • Close!Zingenmir, Sun Aug 26 11:39am
          It's actually an engagement party. The current one is...odd would be the right term: it's based on someone's idea of an engagement party, and thus doesn't really resemble reality. Glad you (and... more
        • Ditto on "sudden bits of singing." ^. ^ (nm)Neshomeh, Thu Aug 23 12:39pm
      • I read "Jake" as "Jack" and thought you were writing fanfiction. ^^;
        • Well, I mean.Zingenmir, Wed Aug 22 11:10pm
          I can now see how to very easily spin something from that that *would* be fanfic, but no, it's nothing to do with Jack beyond the fact that I do have that same double-take myself here and there. ~Z
    • Plato's Mattman's Allegory of the CaveMattman The Comet, Wed Aug 22 9:19pm
      Plato’s Cave describes a group of individuals who’s entire world is nothing but an alit cave wall and the shadows that play on it. What they don’t know (until one does) that behind them is a group of ... more
    • Here's one from last nightLonelyStar, Wed Aug 22 4:05pm
      The child listens closely, and takes her words to heart. Just before his parents return, he hides the rock and keeps it safe. This, he won’t brag to his friends about; it is his secret. He knows that ... more
      • Re: Here's one from last nightMiah, Wed Aug 22 11:10pm
        This is a great hook paragraph. It really makes me want to read more.
        • Maybe...LonelyStar, Wed Aug 22 11:14pm
          I'll post the whole story when it's completed.
    • I've got one for you.Phobos, Wed Aug 22 12:46pm
      As the party moved forward, Kur'nak could tell that many were shaken by the scene. He didn't realize that he was shaken until he felt a small hand gripping his own. He looked down to see that Luxury, ... more
      • Wow.Iximaz, Wed Aug 22 3:03pm
        I think the fact that Lux is crying really sells the gravity of the situation. Very much looking forward to this when it comes out.
        • Thank you!Phobos, Thu Aug 23 10:55am
          Being that this story takes place almost entirely during the Invasion, I wanted to make sure that it had appropriate levels of Pathos. One way to do that is to take a usually comedic character and... more
      • Re: I've got one for you.Miah, Wed Aug 22 2:14pm
        That is a great quote.
        • Thank you!Phobos, Thu Aug 23 10:57am
          I was counting back from an unfinished paragraph, and didn't know if that counted as paragraph 1 or not. I could have gone back one more paragraph, but this one seemed better. -Phobos
    • Why not?Neshomeh, Wed Aug 22 12:29pm
      Ankur Ket arrived from the inner reaches of his garden without fanfare, but no Astartes could help but draw attention to himself with his sheer presence. He stepped into position in the focal point... more
      • Re: Why not?Miah, Wed Aug 22 2:18pm
        I don't know 40k, but I love the picture painted in this quote. Also, I love the word inexorably. It's a cool word. And What nonsense is a good place to have it land, too.
      • Eeeeee!Thoth, Wed Aug 22 2:17pm
        You're actually doing the 40k fic! *Is excited* ...*Very excited.* Of course, I still need to do my writing. But I'm in a car heading toward Pittsburgh. Forgive me. Also need to work on badfic games... more
        • Well, yeah! (Also, another thing!)Neshomeh, Thu Aug 23 11:59am
          Didn't I say I was? I couldn't leave poor Ket hanging out there as a hypothetical figment. {= ) Too many projects indeed. I thought about dropping quotes from my Skyrim fic and my Badfic Games piece, ... more
          • How did I almost forget about that?Thoth, Thu Aug 23 1:15pm
            Jeez, we have too many projects going. And I still have a mission. Which... I will put a paragraph from up here when I'm not in the middle of touring a university. Fun fact: The University of... more
    • Well, from the mission I'm working on now...Iximaz, Wed Aug 22 12:25pm
      Ix yelped and fell off the sofa, landing with a whump . She tripped over her skirts as she stood, then hiked them up as she hurried to silence the console. Her face contorted. “We were supposed to... more
      • Oh boy.Neshomeh, Thu Aug 23 11:43am
        ... That wasn't intended as a joke, but since my comment was going to be that it took me a second to get "Charlus," until I remembered that duh, everyone is male in ABO cuz girls have cooties or... more
        • I went looking...Miah, Fri Aug 24 12:52am
          On AO3 there are about 600 f/f alpha/omega fics, but I think the exclusion criteria could definitely be stricter. After seeing a few tags I had not imagined existed, though I suppose I should have... more
        • The really funny part is...Iximaz, Thu Aug 23 2:01pm
          ...the first passage picks up right after her wedding, so it kinda jars horribly when compared to the Not Okay relationships you find in ABO. I haven’t found any all-female ABO before, but GMA might... more
      • That first one sure sounds like the PPC I know and love! The badfic one, are sure that isn't a quote from a real fic? Just kidding. You've definitely captured the flavor of ABO fics though!
      • That's still awfulThoth, Wed Aug 22 2:19pm
        And now I have to feel bad, because I sorta helped by shooting off all the awful ABO tropes I could think of in your presence. This BFG will be... entertaining.
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