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It IS a creation myth, yes.
Fri Aug 24, 2018 5:24pm

While it follows Earth's natural history much more accurately than most such legends do, the elements of deities and chthonic monsters doing battle and changing the course of history worldwide are still there.

Since this takes place long before the main story - which is more character-focused with said deities being external allied forces they communicate with - I guess it's safe to spoil how the ending goes: the Caiman is mortally wounded, but instead of being outright killed he dies peacefully in the company of the Sea Turtle (who is his mate, best not to think about the biology of that 'cuz it's kaiju lore stuff XD). Said Sea Turtle absorbs the Caiman's strength and aspects, and many millions of years later, she becomes the first confirmed deity of the magical world after she gets all the other sea monsters on the planet to help her kill the Kraken for good. There's several other legends I'm currently working on, and I've in fact finished one, but I'm probably gonna have to set up all six myths in order to define the full roster of deity monsters in this setting (at least 22, maximum 24, all of which follow a sort of tarot motif because yay occult and divination!).

And this goes to everybody: I'm also open to beta readers and general feedback from people who are fond of science fantasy, creature design, worldbuilding, speculative fiction, and monsters and kaiju, all of which feature prominently in this project. Hopefully, your feedback may also be helpful in getting me to develop character ideas and plot threads for the actual story, too! Just shoot me an email if you guys are interested in giving it a look. :)

  • Re: A bit of a textwall, but let's do this!Miah, Fri Aug 24 12:58am
    So, this hits the tone to be a type of creation myth, and that seems to have been the aim. The Kraken certainly seems to be of the malevolent archetype for the world. I was surprised he survived. I... more
    • It IS a creation myth, yes. — SkarmorySilver, Fri Aug 24 5:24pm
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