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Haha, what?
Sat Aug 25, 2018 12:27pm

I'm not sure you can do that to a Ringwraith. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think they really have physical bodies anymore? It's just the cloaks and hoods that give them shape?

If that's the point and it's supposed to be crackfic, though, it's pretty funny, so I hope that's the point. ^_^;


  • Here's one from a crossover I'm working on.Mikelus, Sat Aug 25 11:58am
    "The unknown warrior leapt into the air, flipping over a strike from the middle Ringwraith; in the process, they twisted and slashed at the nearest foe, knocking the thing back. Even in the middle of ... more
    • Haha, what? — Neshomeh, Sat Aug 25 12:27pm
      • Explanations.Mikelus, Sat Aug 25 1:39pm
        You are correct that the cloaks and hoods give them shape. Gandalf describes it as "Giving shape to their shapelessness." Which is a good explanation for why they fear fire. Destroy the cloaks and... more
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