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I wouldn't mind seeing it. (nm)
Sat Aug 25, 2018 2:20pm

  • Have something from Pleasant Dreams...?Calliope, Sat Aug 25 1:45pm
    The mask had no eye-holes. That was impossible, though. How could the woman be looking at her without eye-holes in her mask? She blinked; oh, yes, the eye-holes were there. They simply had tiny veils ... more
    • I wouldn't mind seeing it. (nm) — Thoth, Sat Aug 25 2:20pm
      • Oooh! Yay!Calliope, Sat Aug 25 2:25pm
        A young woman spun in a circle, arms flung out to her sides, head tipped back to feel the rain on her face, long braid trailing in her wake. She laughed; the drops weren’t cold, stinging water, but... more
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