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Y'know what? You can!
Sat Aug 25, 2018 5:40pm

  • I would read this.Neshomeh, Sat Aug 25 12:31pm
    That paragraph is a little disturbing, and the context sounds fascinating. Good combination for generating interest! ~Neshomeh
    • Y'know what? You can! — Scapegrace, Sat Aug 25 5:40pm
      • I don't even.Thoth, Thu Aug 30 7:13pm
        That was good. I just have no idea what was going on.
      • I'm sorry I took so long to read this.Neshomeh, Thu Aug 30 6:38pm
        First because it was rude of me. Second because wow, that is so cool! I have no idea what is actually going on, because I'm pretty sure this guy has silicosis from all the dust and I am quite sure no ... more
      • Hot DAMN that was beautiful. =OS.M.F., Sun Aug 26 9:38am
        That reward was truly well deserved. And the part that describes the pain as acting out of spite, and everything just drifting as the Bone Man does his work... absolutely wonderful.
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