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Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:39am

It's actually an engagement party. The current one is...odd would be the right term: it's based on someone's idea of an engagement party, and thus doesn't really resemble reality.

Glad you (and Nesh!) liked the 'sudden bits of singing' line! It's based on reality--when our...counselor is probably the equivalent term (except as a year-long thing for a sort of post-high school one-year boarding school kind of context) got engaged, in certain contexts we'd suddenly start singing certain songs that are apparently traditional for upcoming weddings. It kept happening to the point where I decided that, in her shoes, I'd be sick of it by a month or so in, but it was rather fun and she didn't seem to mind.


  • Re: Have two.Miah, Thu Aug 23 3:02am
    So I'm guessing a wedding is being referenced in the first selection, but the one the characters are currently dealing with is odd or bad in some way. I liked the description of the cousin's. The... more
    • Close! — Zingenmir, Sun Aug 26 11:39am
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