Re: Im curious to know how youd manage mine...
Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:10pm

How about AsHa CatarI?

    • Re: Im curious to know how youd manage mine... — Sapphire_Spark, Mon Aug 27 7:10pm
    • IXeMoS? ITiNaZr? IKIMnAs?Huinesoron, Thu Aug 16 11:09am
      IXeAmAs might be the best one. It's pronounced right, and if you allow 'ea' to be a variant transcription of the 'ih' sound, it's even spelt right provided you don't have access to the letter Z. :D hS
      • I like this one!IXeAmAS, Thu Aug 16 11:25am
        Though the way ITiNaZr doesnt look at all like my name kind of amuses me, too. Thanks!
        • You're welcome!HUInEsORn, Thu Aug 16 11:56am
          Iodine, Xenon, Americium and Arsenic... I don't know what that combination would do, but I'm pretty sure we'd all end up dead. Then again, since I've got Hydrogen, Uranium, Indium, Einsteinium(!),... more
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