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Calliope and Mikelus
Hold Still
Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:52pm

Ce’rana of Borune closed her eyes and settled into the hollow tree-trunk she was hiding in, taking pains to keep her breaths as quiet and shallow as possible. She didn’t expect her hiding spot to give her away; it was, after all, still a tree, even if it was technically dead. But there was no sense in giving her pursuer advantages he didn’t need.

Time dragged on; her only measures of how long she’d been waiting there were the running count of her heartbeats and how many times someone had come by her hiding spot, each one leaving her tense. Slowly, her blinks lengthened, and eventually stopped. Her breathing deepened, becoming slow and rhythmic. She fell asleep.

It took a while, but someone walking by her hideout stopped. Alex poked his head into the hole, trying to spot her. It wasn’t hard to make out the only soft thing in a hard area, so he stood back. He grinned, took in a deep breath, and shouted “Boo!” at the top of his lungs.

Ce’rana jolted awake and screamed, automatically jerking to her feet. After a moment, she realized just who she was staring at, and scowled at him as she tried to calm her racing heart. “Was that entirely necessary?” she grumbled.

“It is when you fell asleep.” Alex stepped back from the tree, grinning as he turned away from her. “It isn’t like you wouldn’t have done the same thing if our roles were reversed.”

The Dryad clambered out of the hole with a huff, glaring at the back of his skull. “No, I would not have,” she muttered. “Of course, I make no promises about not startling you in general, but that would not have been my method.”

“Well, you were sleeping like a baby. How else was I supposed to wake you up? I couldn’t rock the tree.” He started walking, not really aiming for anywhere in particular.

She shook her head at that. “I was doing no such thing. And there was always the option of knocking - the tree would have woken me on his own.”

Alex shrugged. “Considering what we were playing, I don’t think it would have let me win until I broke out the matches.” He didn’t even need to look to guess what kind of effect that had on her.

She froze in utter horror. “That,” she choked out, “is not funny, Alex. Not in the least.”

“I didn’t say I was gonna use them.” He patted his pockets. “Actually, I don’t think I even have any on me.”

Ce’rana closed her eyes and sighed, shaking her head as she moved to catch up with her partner. “It was still an awful joke to have made,” she muttered unhappily.

“Who said I was joking? Pulling out matches tends to make your tree listen to me. Or, as much as a tree can, at least.”

She froze again, this time only for a moment before she pulled out a pen, gripping it far more tightly than she perhaps ought to have. “You do what to make him listen.”

Alex froze and turned to look at her. When he saw the pen, he swore quietly and took off running down the halls. He wasn’t letting that pen anywhere near him. Not like that.

The Dryad bolted after him, shouting mental curses in Imperial Tolnedran all the way. She didn’t wave her weapon threateningly; she didn’t vocalize her swears; she just focused on not letting her long-legged partner get too far ahead of her.

Still, despite her efforts, she lost him three turns in. Muttering some of her curses to herself, she kicked the Generic Wall and began tromping back towards the Department of Technical Errors, Grammar Division. She could always catch him when he came back to sleep.

  • Hello Prompt, I'm Dad.Novastorme, Mon Aug 20 12:35pm
    Hello and welcome to another round of prompts. Not much else to say apart from prepare to get thinking (and maybe even writing) Prompt 1: It's your characters birthday Prompt 2: One of your... more
    • Hold Still — Calliope and Mikelus, Tue Aug 28 3:52pm
    • Re: Hello Prompt, I'm Dad.Miah, Wed Aug 22 2:40pm
      "Happy birthday!" "The cake is on fire." "And?" Kelok pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "I'll get the fire extinguisher before it spreads to the bed again this year." "I'll get the plates!"
      • This is making me want more contextTomash, Wed Aug 22 4:15pm
        I can say it feels rather surreal and therefore funny. Minor note: "again" and "this year" are a bit redundant, but it's dialogue, so we could say that's just a thing that happens when people are... more
    • Both? Both is good!Delta Juliette, Tue Aug 21 5:20pm
      As far as birthdays went, Victoria Brown's nineteenth was shaping up to be pretty rotten. She'd graduated Hogwarts the June before, a witch ready to make her mark on the world. June had become July,... more
      • Nice chunk of backstory for BrownTomash, Wed Aug 22 2:02pm
        I particularly liked the description of the world fading. (Also, aren't incantations usually capitalized in Harry Potter ? I noticed on " lumos ")
    • Prompt OneSnowblaze, Tue Aug 21 6:25am
      Sorry if this is a bit too short! Tiger didn’t have a very good track record when it came to birthdays. Last year, for instance, he’d only got two presents, and the year before that he’d just lost... more
    • Prompt 2.Iximaz, Mon Aug 20 11:01pm
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      • That was good overallTomash, Mon Aug 20 11:54pm
        I liked that you did a good job of giving a sense of how bewildering not being a slave anymore was. One thing I'm confused about (and this could be not knowing Star Wars well) is that Lorson not... more
        • My thought...Iximaz, Mon Aug 20 11:58pm
 that while Jaleth was curious enough to ask, he wasn't curious enough to find out for certain, and Lorson just had better things to do with his time. As far as they're both concerned, if he can ... more
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