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When in doubt, you can survive on rice and beans.
Sat Sep 1, 2018 4:24pm

All your essential amino acids in one cheap and easy package! Make a whole bunch ahead of time and reheat as needed! A little salt and lime juice makes it way less boring! Infinitely variable with the addition of different spices, vegetables, and proteins! {= D

Actually, what if we had a little whip-around for people's favorite easy/cheap/quick meals? Could be a fun and very useful thread.


  • Packing indeed!Iximaz, Sat Sep 1 11:21am
    I got my desktop computer put up yesterday—we're going to have to ship it over because there is no way I'm going three years without any video games whatsoever. :P Last-minute doctor's appointments,... more
    • When in doubt, you can survive on rice and beans. — Neshomeh, Sat Sep 1 4:24pm
      • Ooh, that could be fun!Iximaz, Sat Sep 1 4:41pm
        I am definitely planning on lots of beans, rice, and pasta. Maybe soups, too, because those can last for a good long while. If I impress my roommates enough with my cooking, I just might be able to... more
        • One of my favorite non-pasta recipes: chili.Neshomeh, Sun Sep 2 11:11pm
          This is a non-spicy chili, because I'm a wuss, but you can always add cayenne or whatever to taste. 1) Brown and drain: 1 pound (16 oz) hamburger [called mince in the UK?] 1 onion, chopped Salt and... more
          • You're all crazy.Huinesoron, Mon Sep 3 5:32am
            Here is how you eat as a student. 1. Walk to freezer aisle. 2. Find Tesco/Sainsburys/Morrisons cheap ready-meals. 3. Buy as many as your freezer will hold. With the option to buy them from the... more
            • I mean...Neshomeh, Mon Sep 3 1:07pm
              I had a meal plan, so "shopping" was for things like granola bars to cram in my face in the morning if I didn't wake up in time to get breakfast in the cafeteria, because LOL, who does that? (I did.... more
            • ...Really?Thoth, Mon Sep 3 10:51am
              You don't just crack an egg over your ramen while it's cooking? And hey, if you're feeling really fancy, nuy some pre-cooked chicken and tear it up into chunks and put that in the ramen too.
              • Pffffthahaha, 'egg'.Huinesoron, Mon Sep 3 11:19am
                That sounds like an ingredient. Don't you know that's a dirty word? hS still remembers someone managing to set off the fire alarms by burning pasta in his first year at uni
        • Privet, Comrade Student!Slavic Cipher: Misha Ciferovitz, Sun Sep 2 4:15pm
          Today, I vill show you our big mentor, Boris, shoving how to survive by tight budget. Dis good for any student with no job, or trying to save their moneys for fan stuff, da? Good. Grab your Slav... more
        • JSYK:Scapegrace, Sun Sep 2 6:38am
          If you want to do this, you'll probably have to order capellini rather than capelli d'angelo. The latter is a bit more of a niche product here, and either way up you'll need to get it from online... more
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