I actually prepare for the Badfic Games, haha!
Sat Sep 1, 2018 7:52pm

In fact, I've prepared premises for entries several years in advance. This is not because I'm obsessed with the BfGs specifically at all, but rather because I can't stop coming up with ideas, especially if the ideas are jokes. Interestingly enough, the Shipfest isn't the same way for me. I guess it's because I don't really do shipping in general, but I love making joke characters and stories, and it seems I've therefore taken it upon myself to really flesh out Fanfic World. So yeah. I protec, I attac, I write too much crac.


  • I was being humorous.Neshomeh, Sat Sep 1 11:04am
    I find the idea of preparing for the Badfic Game a little ironic and funny. I mean, it's badfic. Preparation isn't usually a concept associated with badfic, y'know? Multiple people doing it is even... more
    • I actually prepare for the Badfic Games, haha! — twistedwindowpane, Sat Sep 1 7:52pm
      • I do too...Thoth, Sat Sep 1 8:07pm
        But "prep" for me means transcribing an hour's worth of my thoughts on a fic idea I thought would be funny. Or horrifying. Or both. My writing tends to be pretty off-the-cuff.
        • Ah. Yeah, there's a couple other reasons for my prep:twistedwindowpane, Sun Sep 2 6:59pm
          1. My joke fics tend to be way long. Like, I couldn't finish "The New Recruit" or "Man on a Mission" in the time I was given. So I write a few chapters ahead of time and put an outline so that I can... more
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