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A pov is a pov is a pov...
Sat Sep 1, 2018 11:04pm

...and a pov is cute.

I am never letting go of Rectangular Gallifreyan. Neither is the Reader. Especially in her next body. No, Emiran is going to be ribbed about that for the rest of his days.

Glad you liked it! And that the early romance came out well, of course.


  • Eep!Iximaz, Sat Sep 1 11:02pm
    Okay, first of all: Povs are still freaking adorable. I loved the callback to Rectangular Gallifreyan, that made me guffaw out loud. The Reader is adorable and I love how desperately she wants to... more
    • A pov is a pov is a pov... — Zingenmir, Sat Sep 1 11:04pm
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