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The most unbelievable things:
Sun Sep 2, 2018 4:07pm

1. Ix just casually shucking off a wedding dress. I know it's just brevity of writing, but it doesn't sound like any wedding dress I ever heard of. ^_~

2. That anyone, anywhere, could look at the TransLatin sentence "Donatus est nobis quod exviet sea mater Magia Tellus" and think 'yep, pretty sure that's got the name 'Hecate' in it!'

3. The scene where they all start doing double-acts: "I don't know." Evelina and Luna answered together. As if they had been waiting for one of them to ask that question two elves appeared before them (Maybe the PPC format rubbed off on them?)

4. Elroy the Elf. Hey, maybe he's Franco-Sindarin and going for 'Royal Elf'?

5. the leaders of the Elvish Hunt and we have brought you to Valinor before we send you to Middle-Earth What the sacred flying feth?!

6. That anyone would turn down the chance to honeymoon in Valinor. ^_~

(Side note: the Wizarding Association of Non-Europeans would like to remind you that Wands Are Not Ethical. Register your support for W.A.N.E. today.)

7. Neville Longbottom, Action Hero. I know, I know, but... yeah.

8. This passage: "Aragorn answered after blinking for several seconds as his brain tried to register the question through the fog his mind had descended into after he set eyes on Evelina." ... which basically says 'Aragorn realised what nonsense he was spouting, but the Suvian had him'.

(Side note: "What’s so wrong with actually writing a developing romance? Some of the best stuff happens at the beginning!" is a lovely line, and I take it to heart.)

(Side note: Too much time on the paleoblogosphere for me - I was wondering what kind of creature Colloportus is, and why it was helping them out. ^_^)

9. "She squealed when Ix opened a portal and swept her off her feet into a bridal carry." Ix. You're going to tear your incisions again. Ix, did you even bother to get that looked at? Ix, my wife is a nurse and she says this is not good wound care, Agent Ix!

Overall: That was fun. I'm not very good at overall comments. ^_^

But I do have the image of Elroy and Larien as a comic faux-action duo stuck in my head now, swinging down from the trees with dramatic music playing and so forth. All very Robin Hood. :D


  • New mission!Iximaz, Fri Aug 31 9:30pm
    Ix and Charlotte's honeymoon is interrupted by a Harry Potter x The Lord of the Rings crossover. (Also, this makes mission number 96! My Immortal is just around the corner!)
    • Cute!Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Wed Sep 5 3:02am
      I remember that fic being discussed in the badfic chat... it's a bad one. But it made a fun mission! Is it bad that I absolutely believe the Flowers would make people go on a mission between their... more
    • Re: missiondoctorlit, Tue Sep 4 8:24am
      Wow. That badfic sure had a lot of weird little idiosyncrasies to it. I'm impressed you were able to keep the mission itself so short and readable. I'll have to keep that strategy in mind for when I... more
      • Flowers indeed!Iximaz, Tue Sep 4 10:08am
        I imagine Ix and Charlotte will have a bit of a workload when they get back from their fun. :P And yeah, the stuff about wandless magic comes off of Pottermore—wands are largely a European invention, ... more
    • ThoughtsTomash, Mon Sep 3 5:01pm
      As a whole bunch of folks have said, this was a good balance between relationship fluff and the mission. I'm hoping Ix and Charlotte manage to have a nice, uninterrupted honeymoon. Two lines that... more
      • Their honemoon goes well!Iximaz, Tue Sep 4 1:28am
        Lots of stolen moments of ducking behind tents at the festival to snog, dancing to the Harpers' music, and going to the beach to swim or just lie in the sand and nap. It's a very well-deserved... more
    • The most unbelievable things: — Huinesoron, Sun Sep 2 4:07pm
      • ^^;Iximaz, Sun Sep 2 4:22pm
        Google Translate Latin is always fun, and imagining Neville as someone out of The Matrix: Medieval Edition was just... yeah. No. :P So for all I know that the Hunt isn't a thing at all and you don't... more
    • More missions, more C&Cs.Hardric, Sun Sep 2 1:40pm
      Let's get started. Ix nipped at her lower lip, smiling. “A beach,” she said. “Somewhere isolated, where it’ll be just the two of us…” Guess that would be the moment the IO began to ruin their... more
      • Heh. I promise the honeymoon went well.Iximaz, Sun Sep 2 4:24pm
        ...Well, after the initial hiccup, anyway. They visited a festival where the Harpers were playing, made a mess with bubbly pies, watched the dragonriders practicing flying formation at one of the... more
    • Good one!Neshomeh, Sat Sep 1 9:33pm
      My thoughts are the same as S.M.F.'s: well balanced between sporking and character fluff, good choice of a bizarre fic that could seriously have been done as original fic without losing anything.... more
      • Thank you!Iximaz, Sat Sep 1 9:54pm
        I've been trying to pay more attention to setting the scene, so it's good to know it went over well! "Mile girl" just amused me in particular because it gives me the mental image of an Elf who's... more
        • So...Neshomeh, Sat Sep 1 10:33pm
          Everything is going smoothly when le gasp! A commotion on the beach! What could possibly have intruded on this idyllic moment? Why, a clutch of fire-lizards is hatching! How shocking! Events!... more
          • That'll only be cute for now.Thoth, Sat Sep 1 10:41pm
            Just wait until they're inevitably stranded alone together for over a month because this is Ix, and I'm betting she'd find a way to wring drama out of this.
            • Hey, it could happen.Neshomeh, Sat Sep 1 10:57pm
              It's not like this mission was really dramatic, despite coming along to interrupt their scheduled time off right on schedule. {= ) ~Neshomeh
              • Hey, come on, I've been behaving!Iximaz, Sat Sep 1 11:04pm
                *promptly kills off characters* I actually wasn't planning on writing the honeymoon itself—that seems like it would be rather *cough* private, between the two of them. You know? Besides, Ix and... more
                • *meanwhile...*Neshomeh, Sun Sep 2 11:16am
                  *quietly constructs elaborate machines of angst while no one is looking* ^_~ If you did want to write honeymoon fluff, you wouldn't have to go into the very private stuff. Leaving the whole thing a... more
                • ...*Raises eyebrow.* (nm)Thoth, Sat Sep 1 11:12pm
    • Review!S.M.F., Sat Sep 1 10:52am
      I find myself taken by the idea of Agents tackling missions while in unfitting clothes (like wedding dresses) - though I also feel like this has happened before? Not that I can recall which fics,... more
      • Heh. Amusing as that is...Iximaz, Sat Sep 1 11:27am's also highly impractical. They did get changed into proper clothes before tackling the mission. Ix worked hard on those dresses, it would be a shame to ruin them. Larien was my personal... more
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