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Heh. I promise the honeymoon went well.
Sun Sep 2, 2018 4:24pm

...Well, after the initial hiccup, anyway. They visited a festival where the Harpers were playing, made a mess with bubbly pies, watched the dragonriders practicing flying formation at one of the weyrs, watched a few sunsets... it was lovely. :)

And you are right that Three won't be around for too much longer; her arc is coming to a close and we're just winding down with her settling into her life as Elanor's mum. It's time to shake things up again... :)

  • More missions, more C&Cs.Hardric, Sun Sep 2 1:40pm
    Let's get started. Ix nipped at her lower lip, smiling. “A beach,” she said. “Somewhere isolated, where it’ll be just the two of us…” Guess that would be the moment the IO began to ruin their... more
    • Heh. I promise the honeymoon went well. — Iximaz, Sun Sep 2 4:24pm
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