Ah. Yeah, there's a couple other reasons for my prep:
Sun Sep 2, 2018 6:59pm

1. My joke fics tend to be way long. Like, I couldn't finish "The New Recruit" or "Man on a Mission" in the time I was given. So I write a few chapters ahead of time and put an outline so that I can finish it with the time I've been given. (Speaking of MoaM, I'm still finishing it. It'll hopefully be out for the next Shipfest. Don't worry, Thoth/Guardsman Tom gets nullified in part 2. So does Twistey x Voyd. And there's an explanation for why Huinesoron was being so grumpy.)

2. I can write out my badfic ideas, wait for them to simmer, and then if they're bad, I can destroy them before they get put on the Board. I've already decided to take out one of my fictional badficcers because she had no gimmick other than being really angry and calling the PPC the "Protectors of Cringe Culture" over and over. So that's a positive.


  • I do too...Thoth, Sat Sep 1 8:07pm
    But "prep" for me means transcribing an hour's worth of my thoughts on a fic idea I thought would be funny. Or horrifying. Or both. My writing tends to be pretty off-the-cuff.
    • Ah. Yeah, there's a couple other reasons for my prep: — twistedwindowpane, Sun Sep 2 6:59pm
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