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You're all crazy.
Mon Sep 3, 2018 5:32am

Here is how you eat as a student.

1. Walk to freezer aisle.
2. Find Tesco/Sainsburys/Morrisons cheap ready-meals.
3. Buy as many as your freezer will hold.

With the option to buy them from the chiller aisle instead if you only have a fridge with an icebox.

What sort of student has time to much about with raw meat?!?!



  • One of my favorite non-pasta recipes: chili.Neshomeh, Sun Sep 2 11:11pm
    This is a non-spicy chili, because I'm a wuss, but you can always add cayenne or whatever to taste. 1) Brown and drain: 1 pound (16 oz) hamburger [called mince in the UK?] 1 onion, chopped Salt and... more
    • You're all crazy. — Huinesoron, Mon Sep 3 5:32am
      • I mean...Neshomeh, Mon Sep 3 1:07pm
        I had a meal plan, so "shopping" was for things like granola bars to cram in my face in the morning if I didn't wake up in time to get breakfast in the cafeteria, because LOL, who does that? (I did.... more
      • ...Really?Thoth, Mon Sep 3 10:51am
        You don't just crack an egg over your ramen while it's cooking? And hey, if you're feeling really fancy, nuy some pre-cooked chicken and tear it up into chunks and put that in the ramen too.
        • Pffffthahaha, 'egg'.Huinesoron, Mon Sep 3 11:19am
          That sounds like an ingredient. Don't you know that's a dirty word? hS still remembers someone managing to set off the fire alarms by burning pasta in his first year at uni
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