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I mean...
Mon Sep 3, 2018 1:07pm

I had a meal plan, so "shopping" was for things like granola bars to cram in my face in the morning if I didn't wake up in time to get breakfast in the cafeteria, because LOL, who does that? (I did. I did that. I like slightly chunky large-pot oatmeal very much.) That and gaming snacks, because D&D without Oreos is unthinkable.

I did have to cook for myself during my internship in Philly, though, and also my study-abroad in England, and I ate pretty well. Granted, we ate out a fair bit in England, because we were traveling around and there were interesting things to try, but still. You can do a lot with a bag of frozen chicken, pasta, and salad. Just switch out what else you're putting on top, make sure to use it up, and it works! One of my go-tos is fettuccine alfredo. I like the pouch sauce mix, but a jar is good, too. Add frozen peas and chicken, it's good stuff. Think I did a low-brow chicken parmesan at one point too, though that might have been one of the nights several of us got together for a group meal.

Maybe don't go with like half a bag of spinach and dried mango, though? I regretted that one. Had to eat the spinach, though...

Oh, and take care of your dishes. Don't be the jerk that lets things sit around for two weeks and become the birthplace of a new civilization of mold-based life forms.


  • You're all crazy.Huinesoron, Mon Sep 3 5:32am
    Here is how you eat as a student. 1. Walk to freezer aisle. 2. Find Tesco/Sainsburys/Morrisons cheap ready-meals. 3. Buy as many as your freezer will hold. With the option to buy them from the... more
    • I mean... — Neshomeh, Mon Sep 3 1:07pm
    • ...Really?Thoth, Mon Sep 3 10:51am
      You don't just crack an egg over your ramen while it's cooking? And hey, if you're feeling really fancy, nuy some pre-cooked chicken and tear it up into chunks and put that in the ramen too.
      • Pffffthahaha, 'egg'.Huinesoron, Mon Sep 3 11:19am
        That sounds like an ingredient. Don't you know that's a dirty word? hS still remembers someone managing to set off the fire alarms by burning pasta in his first year at uni
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