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Kk so unpoplarer opinion time: i like this!!
Mon Sep 3, 2018 3:39pm

I now, i now, ppl are gonig to say its' "not a sotry" and "dosent make sents', but i lik it!! Is't metter, and the pPC is alabout metter.


  • I'm going to be lazyNovastorme, Mon Sep 3 1:50pm
    And because of the perfect timing. This is your prompt for the fortnight. Badfic. AKA see above. Novastorme.
    • 3/10BlueBirb39, Mon Sep 3 3:52pm
      While I must appreciace the varicosity of this daring, experimental work, it's laking in severl impotent aspects. I found that the joe, such as it was, fell flat, ar lest to my orbs. Additionally, as ... more
    • Kk so unpoplarer opinion time: i like this!! — JayBird, Mon Sep 3 3:39pm
      • WELL WELL WELL SO WE MEET AGAINNightmareTwisteyTheDemonFoxAnimatronic, Mon Sep 3 8:30pm
        I've been working on finishing "The New Recruit" in the time between Badfic Games. See? I do things with my life. Unlike you. Anyway, stay tuned, it'll come out soon. -Nightmare
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