PPC, Yee: Mistress of the Rave Sword - Prologue
Mon Sep 3, 2018 8:28pm

***ACHTUNG! Spoilers for Lichtspeer!***
Also, I've been talking with twistedwindowpane about her plans for the PPC once she gets Permission. Agent Gretchen is hers, she's not mine, neither is Lichtspeer, go play the game, yada yada yada let's get on to the story.

It was just another day in the Department of Suspicious Canon (DSC). Agents were bustling about: walking briskly into generic offices, taking orders from their superiors, and then dashing back out to prepare for departure. One of several departments that had been created or re-opened due to a badfic explosion resulting from an announcement by MachineGames that fanmade content would be accepted for use in Wolfenstein V: The New Mastermind (bad freakin’ idea!), the DSC’s role was to streamline the PPC by marking certain continua as unworthy of protection in the first place. An agent in the DSC was to infiltrate new continua as made-up “fan characters” and search for any signs that the continuum was unworthy, mainly any form of prejudice unacceptable enough to take away any and all enjoyment of the work. The department had become very popular very quickly, with many agents happy that canon writers they hated could finally be done justice. It became known that if you had a vendetta, you could tell a DSC agent and it would be carried out. Sadly, as many of this department had axes to grind, they could quickly become overzealous in their work. One such agent was Agent Gretchen Hollehammer, who worked in the subdepartment led by Huinesoron. Who knows why she behaved the way she did, but anyone who so much as said “gentlemen prefer blondes” within earshot of her would be faced with her wrath. Huinesoron knew this, and perhaps he knew a little bit of her motives, for she’d often hint at things they’d experienced together before. Barely anyone knew what those had been. Today, she entered his office with a stoic expression, as usual awaiting a new mission.

As she sat down, Huinesoron smiled. “Why, hello there. Nice to see you again.”
He didn’t wait for an answer; Gretchen stopped giving answers years ago. “Given the particular causes you support, I have a mission that I think you’d especially like to carry out.”
The young woman nodded, one eyebrow cocked in suspicion.
“Here,” he said, spinning around in his desk chair to retrieve a file and sliding it to her across the desk, then stopping his rotation to prevent embarrassment. In another hopeful attempt to excite her, he added with a dash of her personal slang, “This one doesn’t bite.”
Gretchen took the paper without saying anything. She read through the information as Huinesoron got up and began pacing back and forth, explaining everything.
“This continuum is called… Lick- oh yeah. Leaked-spear. Yeah, the spelling of the name was the first thing that tipped us off. Video game. It’s not new, in fact, it came out on Steam a while back, but a few Youtubers have been spewing out fanmade content about it for years now, and they’re finally popular, which has caused it to rise in the world of fanfic writing. It depicts a glorious ‘ancient germanic future’, with enemies such as ‘Penguin Vikings’ and ‘Wurst Zombies’, several areas and bosses for each, and fantastic technology. And the pinnacle of it all is this extremely blond guy, with a German name of the player’s choice, who wields an energy spear and is on a quest to… bring balance to the universe by killing stuff for the light god, I think it was. Sound like any propaganda from back when?”
His employee was staring rather angrily at the paper she’d received, and she finally spoke. “Definitely.”
“Aha, I’ve got you interested! To top it all off, the game’s motto adds to the fun: ‘Embrace the future. Eat strudel. Play Leaked-spear.’ Or... licked-shpeer.” He began mumbling other attempts at pronouncing “Lichtspeer” under his breath until she called for his attention.
“Huinesoron, my mission.”
“Oh yes, right. You’re going to adventure right alongside our protagonist, since that’s the only perspective given in canon, and pretend to be an ally of his. We’ll put you as one of those overly edgy assassin types, as an explanation for why you’re always so icy cold about everything. Fight alongside him, maybe question any sapient enemies if you can, until you figure out his motives.”
“And if we’re right about said motives?”
“That’s where your fan-made weapon comes in.” He opened a drawer and pulled out a jet-black sword that dimly glowed purple, inlaid with bright green gemstones in the hilt. “This is the Rave Sword.” He held it out to her.
“If it’s any good, you don’t seriously expect me to grab it by the blade.”
“Oh, sorry, sorry.” He stretched his arm out further so that she could take hold of the hilt.
Then Huinesoron continued. “Like all weapons of the Licked-shpeer universe, this weapon has multiple abilities that you’ll get to use to your advantage. You can find those in the Licht shop with the protagonist's weapon's upgrades. Do you understand?”
Gretchen nodded. She turned the sword over in her hands, obviously more interested. “I… I love the way this looks, and I can't wait to see what it does. I’ve always been a sucker for the… the aesthetic of black with glowy bits.”
This made her boss smile. There was a little left of the old Gretchen after all.
The stony look returned to her face. “Is there any other information I need to know?”
Huinesoron thought for a bit, then spoke. “This game isn’t exactly of a genre you’re particularly good at. It may be very difficult to survive, even with this thing helping you. If you’ve got other things coming at you, please focus more on the other things coming at you, and not the German. Okay?”
“Alright.” She started for the door, then turned her head to look at him. “Take note that this is the closest we’ve been so far to the kind of mission I was born to do.”
“I will.”
And so Gretchen left.

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              That, and she's FIFTEEN. :V So tere! Beta-reader: And you are? Shush, Beta; youre here because you WANT to, not cause of pay! Adn this is from a Young Wizards!PPC AU! =D Diffrnt kind of Manual.
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        Listen SMDS, you wanna roll with the big boy over on 40k street, you gotta learn how Space Marines work. First of all, they are not "alpha." Each space marine was designed to take orders without... more
        • Hmm...ShadowMoonDarkSun, Fri Sep 7 8:54pm
          Ordinarily, this may be the case. But what I don't think you understand is that being in a relationship fundamentally changes the dynamic. Once two men enter a relationship, that relationship will be ... more
          • I mean...LordHammerfell, Fri Sep 7 9:16pm
            I think a human/astartes relationship would be unstable anyway. Marines can't really function outside the doctrines of the chapter, war-band, or legion.
            • Eh. Not really?Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 12:23am
              Wait, sorry, I'll rephrase that as a statement for you: I do not entirely agree with what you're saying. While it's true that Space Marines were created and conditioned to serve, they were also left... more
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              Well, now you've done a very unclever thing by introducing this "mate or die" thing. First of all, no wonder Omegas are rare if they up and kick the bucket whenever some haughty bastard of an Alpha... more
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                I can’t believe I enjoyed your story earlier if you can’t even appreciate the nuances of hot gay relationships. Like, for reals.
                • Of course she can't appreciate the nuances...ShadowMoonDarkSun, Tue Sep 11 7:09pm
                  She writes them like they're lesbians. All love and purity, no savagery, hierarchy, or intense, physical expressions of love.
                  • *dies laughing*Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 11 7:55pm
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          Again, let's be clear: This is not a PPC fanfic. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Agents Ix Saibhir and Charlotte Webb. This is a good thing, because if you were actually trying to portray those... more
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        Okay... I'm with you so far. This is some kinda fantasy ABO AU. Sure. Why not? I'm not sure it can touch anything that's canon about Agents Ix and Charlotte with a ten-foot pole, but at least it... more
      • I like where this is going!ShadowMoonDarkSun, Fri Sep 7 12:59pm
        ABO, is, of course, a brilliant framework for understanding male-male interactions. This fic also starts off well by establishing Faolan's obvious superiority as the more masculine, dominant man.... more
        • I'm so glad you like it!JessamintheCreed99, Fri Sep 7 1:25pm
          Just you wait until the next chapter, you're going to love it!!!
      • Um kk but istn' Faolan and anderlight?JayBird, Thu Sep 6 4:48pm
        shes' Illian's grilfriend, right?! i tohughts anderlights were like snails or sumfin, and i'm SURR THeyr'e blu.
        • Umm no?JessamintheCreed99, Fri Sep 7 1:25pm
          Faolan is a werewolf, not whatever an anderlight is. Isn't Illian's girlfriend Constance anyway?
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          • You cheted!AwesomePrincessMinty, Mon Sep 17 1:59pm
            Its not far to bet us so much that we cant fite bak wihout tim skips or dues ex machia! (Stupid spellcheck... the typos are deliberate, okay?)
          • Because "If we weren't both gay, I would marry you because of how awesome you are." outright contradicts from the reality of the matter... at least how I understand it! ;)
            • Oh you poor, benighted newbie.S.P.U.D., Mon Sep 17 9:48am
              I know you're a newbie, because you are not an Oldbie. Don't worry - we are all new compared to their magnificence. It is certainly true that our fabled Oldbies, Kaitlyn and Huinesoron, are married;... more
        • This is sooo kewl!AwesomePrincessMinty, Sun Sep 16 7:41am
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        • I didn’t expect...Snowblaze , Sat Sep 15 2:43am
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          • Of course!The Newbie Rebellion, Sat Sep 15 8:33pm
            Since you're one of the fellow newbies I know decently well (this is Twistey here, but don't tell), I figured I'd stick you in to give us a good number of resistance folks.
            • I might have guessed...Snowblaze, Sun Sep 16 7:38am
              that you were Twistey. The line about the Wolfenstein 3D parody was a dead giveaway.
              • :E|ctwistedwindowpane, Sun Sep 16 4:50pm
                (Hope you understand this emoticon, er.) I figured that since Thoth knows a bit about classic iD Software games, it could slide, but y'know... -Twistey
                • It'd be Doom, thenThoth, Mon Sep 17 9:49am
                  Also, I think only you would write this and everyone knows it. ^_^
      • Sheesh!twistedwindowpane, Sat Sep 8 8:12pm
        And hS revenge'd me during the Shipfest for portraying him in a similar way. Perhaps a little more agressive, but similar. -Twistey
      • r these OCS?brandywine_baby89, Thu Sep 6 11:24am
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        • Of course she isn't evil.S.P.U.D., Thu Sep 6 11:56am
          None of the Oldbies are evil, because they're in charge of the PPC, and the PPC is good. Therefore, none of their agents are evil either. I'm sure Jaycacia thinks she's in charge of the PPC, but... more
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        • (( My brain hurts. Good job?? {X D )) (nm)Neshomeh, Thu Sep 27 2:04pm
        • Uhhh, okay?JessamintheCreed99, Wed Sep 26 7:25pm
          Like I don't know why you'd dedicate that to me I mean it's like animal sex!! That's just gross! Dedicate some hot gay Jacques/Zeb smut to me, please k and thank you. And you know Zeb is totes the... more
          • Jacques/Zeb?DuskWater, Fri Sep 28 1:05pm
            Eww, they so don't belong together!! Zeb/Dawn OTP 5ever!!!!! And Jacques/Luxury or Jacques/Dax or No I've got it Jacques/Nume!!! lol they'd be great together don't u think?? ~~**DW****~~
            • How about a ship that actually makes sense?Lemony Eggnog, Fri Sep 28 1:56pm
              Jacques/Jenni. I mean, duh. Come on! Or, if you wanna make it really fun, Jacques/Jenni/Luxury. If you want crack shipping, but also want to make it marginally plausible, this is the team you want!... more
              • ...Jacques/Jenny?DuskWater, Fri Sep 28 2:11pm
                ...wasn't she with Nume?? ................JACQUES/NUME/JENNI AMIRIGHT OR AMIRIGHT ~*~*~*DW~~~~*****
                • ((The Ultimate Noncanon Shipchain))Thoth, Fri Sep 28 9:26pm
                  Lemme see if I can pull this off. Right, starting from one character, as many as possible, no canon ships allowed, some kind of logic to the madness...... more
                  • (( Oh god, why is Fellrazer in there?! ))Neshomeh, Sat Sep 29 12:06am
                    Okay, so there is an occasion where Gall uses the disguise generator to turn him human for a mission, but that mission isn't even finished yet, let alone published! Put Gremlin in there instead.... more
                    • ((Well...))Thoth, Sat Sep 29 6:39am
                      Gall cares about her dragon, and Derik likes dragons, and misses his dragon and... Yeah, I was being deliberately awful with that.
              • ((And I'm going to blame this squarely on you :P Though also on me, I suppose--I'm the one who decided a while back that he does still sometimes go to FicPsych, even after having done the initial... more
                • (( At some point, sure! ))Neshomeh, Fri Sep 28 11:55pm
                  I don't think I should take on a new project until I knock one or two current ones off my docket, but that sounds fun. ^_^ As for canonical plans, Jenni is in a relationship with Suicide until at... more
      • Ilraen's Vacation (Part II)MotherShipper, Mon Sep 10 10:06pm
        Hey, guys! I finished another part of my fic!! Unfortunately, because of Da Rulez here, I have to link to it instead. Enjoy! Link is NSFW GDoc
        • I am disappoint.Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 11 11:05am
          First, in response to your note: Okay but no. a) You didn't do that. I got that Ilraen was interested, but not even a hint of curiosity from Nume before the flowers. b) Even if you had, thinking... more
          • ok Flamer be that way!MotherShipper, Tue Sep 11 12:11pm
            ((Really, though, in case someone gets the wrong idea: Yeah, this very much isn't consent and it's terrible. Also, I maaaaay have lifted some of those descriptions straight out of Legendary Badfics.... more
        • o_o Well, one thing's for sure...<3<3<3, Tue Sep 11 10:18am
          Nume would NOT have tried it without that Bleepka! Is there such a thing as 'sexily girthy', though? I ask purely out of curiosity. This fic, on the whole, IS sexy - and it's only bestiality if the... more
        • Umm, okay...JessamintheCreed99, Tue Sep 11 10:07am
          You realize that this totally makes Nume a bestiality, right?
      • Should I apologize?Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 4 11:34pm
        No, wait, your edit says you're NOT actually blaming this on me. But on the other hand, I did eggnog you on last year, so I still feel somewhat responsible, especially if this ends up as M-rated as... more
      • Edit since I can't edit:MotherShipper, Tue Sep 4 4:58pm
        Hee, Internet usernames are so hard to get straight! ^_^ I didn't speak with Lemony Eggnog about this, but I did speak with someone else who had a similar idea.
        • I am cackling quietly. <3<3<3, Tue Sep 4 10:41pm
          One of my favorite tropes! You're all right, friend; you're all right.
    • Chronicles of the PFCWings_of_Ascention, Tue Sep 4 11:22am
      There are important elements of fandom and fanlore the PPC is unable to handle. This is my attempt to rectify that. -- "It's just too much sometimes, I swear!" said Harry. "All these... Harry/Ginny... more
      • I don't know what I expected but it wasn't thislightfairy406, Fri Oct 5 3:38pm
        I did get a good laugh out of it, though. Also, and I know this is really petty of me: *Ascension.
      • I don't think I've ever said this before, but...Major General Dusk, Sun Sep 16 5:40pm
        ...I actually agree with Draco. There's no such thing as complete straightness. We're all somewhere in the middle, and some of us are trying to fight it, but that only turns those people cold and... more
        • ew i dont like boys whats wrong with tis womnXXEPICJAKEdaTNThogEXEXX, Sun Sep 16 5:43pm
          seems liek its anothr snoflek from tumblr tryin to get ofended ovr everthin. Wings_of_Asensin, ur fic sucs. the ppc isnt abot yellin ur sjw hedcanons w/ 1 hand. im sory i evr red this Get a lief Jake
          • ...No?Wings_of_Ascention, Sun Sep 16 10:00pm
            I'm not an SJW or anything. I'm just a fan who wants to see these characters treated right! I mean, Harry and Draco are sooo meant for each other. And Harry and Hermione...
      • I think this is what you're thinking of. -Yee
      • Absolutely beautiful!MotherShipper, Tue Sep 4 8:14pm
        I love how you showed the soft side of Draco in this, and it's always good to see more Hermione ships! Show the poor woman some love!
      • LOL, ur funny!brandywine_baby89, Tue Sep 4 11:28am
        This is a funny fir! IDK if it's realla ppc fic, it's more Harry Potter lyk that other1 that's in the rwrongf section, but I guess its lyk what if Harry and DRaco were agents? So that's kewl. plz... more
    • So y'know that episdoe of Person of Interest, 'If-Then-Else'WAITICANTUSEMYNORMALNAME, Tue Sep 4 10:26am
      I'm gonna do this in the style of one of those funny scenes from it! Then you can SEE where the badness lies! =D Or if it's even badenss at all... [Insert obligatorily obnoxious scene divider here.]... more
      • Well, that was...a thing...?lightfairy406, Fri Sep 14 9:24am
        I get the feeling you're trying to parody some of the lesser authors here. I also get the feeling this would make a lot more sense if I were into Young Wizards. You're right, though, something with a ... more
        • THIIIINGS!:3, Fri Sep 14 10:00am
          And yes, dear lightfairy, it would. ;) I'd qualify it more as painful self-awareness, though! Young Wizards as a canon deserves better representation here than this. .-.
    • A/n: What it says on the tin! I had a ton of fun with this one, guys. Hope you love it! Remember to leave me lots and lots and lots of comments **blows kisses** obvs I don't own any of this its the... more
      • I'm conflicted.Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 4 11:18am
        This seems to be a recurring trend with your writing. Pros: - Cycling partners and Jacque's varying levels of success at hitting on them is a fun idea for a fic! - Everyone is very nearly in... more
        • ((More response later, but the PPC OFU...))Zingenmir, Tue Sep 4 12:32pm
          ((...seems to be going ahead, at least on my part. I can't promise it'll have exactly the same flavor, since it's been a year, I don't remember much of anything I had planned, and so on, but I kind... more
          • ((Oh man, I almost forgot about that one))eatpraylove, Wed Sep 12 11:10am
            ((From what I remember, I started it as a straight-up rewrite of the original with a bunch of OC agents, then you made it more like a proper OFU with representations of those characters' authors. So, ... more
      • My heart sings! Jaycacia Thornbird's part was paticularly amusing~ ((And we should really drag Zeb into this, shouldn't we? Though he's not mine to volunteer. =P If you want to tackle writing Jacques ... more
    • Haryy Poiter: Unchecked DEVESTATION!Arun Urthus, Supreme Warlord, God-king of M'thchek, Mon Sep 3 9:39pm
      (Scene music: Immortalized, bty Disturbed) So great was the MGIC FIRE the engulphed the bnttlefeird that Harry Potter, undeputed LORD of MAGIO, could hardly breath. But he pushed on, trought the fire ... more
      • Wat JayBird said.brandywine_baby89, Tue Sep 4 11:35am
        ur in the wronf section! This is 4 the PPC!!! Also harry is not evil, u SUCK. XOXOX
        • I win61516, Tue Sep 4 7:19pm
          A fanfic totally unrelated to its source material is a bad fanfic, I have successfully participated in the badfic games.
          • YOU ARE NOT ME! YOU DID NOT WIN!Arun Urthus, Supreme Warlord, God-king of M'thchek, Tue Sep 4 7:25pm
            • You can't turn on me, I created you! (nm)61516, Wed Sep 5 9:41pm
              • I NEAL BEFORE TO NO MAN!Arun Urthus, Supreme Warlord, God-king of M'thchek, Wed Sep 5 9:45pm
                • St. Elsewhere you say...61516, Thu Sep 6 8:35pm
                  You exist in the shared universe of St. Elsewhere, thus you only exist in the snow-globe of an autistic boy. I am your writer, and you will obey me. P.S. I've never seen St. Elsewhere.
            • OMG were u hacked?!?!?brandywine_baby89, Wed Sep 5 9:17am
              My friend JayBird wuz hacke d 1ce. HAckers SUCK. GTFO HACKERS!!! XOXOX
      • OH NO I FORGOT TO DISGUISE MYSELF! D=<3<3<3 , Tue Sep 4 10:41am
        ((Forgive me, masters of FanFicWorld!))
      • ???S.M.F., Tue Sep 4 10:40am
        I wonder how this got into our Board! Maybe you should crosspost it over on ffnet's 'Harry Potter' section?
      • um noJayBird, Tue Sep 4 10:27am
        Hairy Potter would nevr turn Voldemont into scropions, becaue scroptions ARETN' CUTE. obvously. NEway wasnt' Darco Malfoy's middde name Scropio or somethin???? sure i remember sthing lik that! ~JB~
        • Your rong!AwesomePrincessMinty, Wed Sep 5 4:02am
          Voldemot isn’t cyte, so he doesnt get to be turned int sumthin cute. Hes evillllll, it doesn’t make any sender for himm to be cute. (“Sender” in case you wondered, was what my spellcheck did to a... more
      • Awesum!AwesomePrincessMinty, Tue Sep 4 4:18am
        I luv how voldemor turned into scorpons! One thin: this is ment to be ppc fic, wheres the ppc in this. (I’m probably not writing anything, but this is too much fun to miss out on altogether -... more
    • PPC, Yee: Mistress of the Rave Sword - Prologue — Yeenasaur, Mon Sep 3 8:28pm
      • PPC, Yee: Mistress of the Rave Sword - Chapter 1Yeenasaur, Sat Sep 15 8:36pm
        The Lichtspeer hero, in this case bearing the default name of Hans, was waiting for the newcomer to arrive. He checked over the description she’d sent of herself again. Her name was Electra, and she... more
      • The Society for the Promotion of Oldbie Dominion is pleased by your recognition of Huinesoron's importance and leadership. Obviously you've understated his significance somewhat, but in a setting... more
        • ...being rather half-crazy/goofball, while still putting him in a position of authority? Right? -Yee
        • thanks lol (nm)Yeenasaur, Sat Sep 8 4:05pm
        • Uh, shouldn't you be called *SPOD*?Avlates_usted, Tue Sep 4 10:00am
          Like, sure, Spud is an actual word, but olbie doesn't start with a U. Check your spelling, mate. ~~A_u** PS: also, why would you want to be called after a potato? What do oldbies have to do with... more
          • For your information, our acronym comes from the Latin, because it is classical. The Latin word for Oldbie is 'vetusbie', and as you may know, the Latins always wrote U as V, so in American that... more
          • Ooh, wait, better idea!Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 4 10:13am
            S.P.E.W.! Society for the Promotion of Elders Winning! It's canon-referential AND all the words fit the acronym AND it sounds exactly as ridiculous as it is! It's perfect! --Lemony
            • Careful, mate...<3<3<3 'ooc', Tue Sep 4 10:38am
              That sounded SUSPICIOUSLY like an OOC OPINION! ... I almost miswrote that as 'onion'. And now I want an onion. In any case, carry on! ((I'm joking, I'm joking. XD I tell you, I am TERRIBLE with... more
      • kk so...brandywine_baby89, Mon Sep 3 9:45pm
        This is rally good! But the itaalics mke it hard 2 read? Sumbody told me how 2 do them b4, bt I 4get. Also the Sunflwore Occical and Jaycacia r in charge of the PPC, not Hunecoron! LOL! I totas want... more
      • Cowl!BlueBirb39, Mon Sep 3 9:17pm
        Definitly in the sprit of the PPC, a wothy edition to canon! ..But isnt agant hunsorn gay? I thougt a clear canon scolar like you would clearly know such a transoparent and oblivious fact.
    • "An Offer Taken" [Suggestive Themes]BlueBirb39, Mon Sep 3 4:13pm
      I was a 40k fan long pror to seein PPC, so I wantd to writ Toth. Aslo, I alway ssee peolle misineterpet the obviouse and intricate romance arcs thsy have been set up for charsfters. Somekne here's... more
      • /insert 'Twila the girl who was in luv with a vampyre' ref<3<3<3 I can't do this in reverse, Tue Sep 4 10:34am
        Toth and Gal are most ineresting! I do like it when the shy meets the bold~ And I might steal that 'undepressed' line myself! Would you write this the same if Thoth were a girl, though?
      • This is fascinating.Lemony Eggnog, Mon Sep 3 4:50pm
        You have somehow managed to pick up on the small details from the most obscure source while missing the most crucial ones from the most obvious sources. How do you do it? You get points for your... more
    • Aww, you guys!Lemony Eggnog, Mon Sep 3 4:00pm
      Are you waiting for little ol' me to kick things off? That's so sweet! You didn't have to do that! I'll totally start, though. Without further ado, I give you: Title: Mostly Author: Lemony Eggnog... more
      • "Mostly," Part 3 (( Link to Gdoc ))Lemony Eggnog, Fri Sep 7 11:39pm
        (( Because Part 3 is too long to break up for the Board. {= P (( Still probably SFW? Involves Astartes body-mods being kinda squicky to a guy from a planet that still has a taboo against surgery... more
        • /almost forgot to not be my usual self!<3<3<3, Sat Sep 8 9:49am
          "Have you realized yet that this is both madness and folly?" Ahh, but that makes this all the more sweet! Despite the descriptions, the body mods actually sound... beautiful? Though that may just be... more
          • Oh good, someone gets it.Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 6:54pm
            Good to know my effort is not totally wasted here. --Lemony (( I... actually can't tell if you're playing a character or just posting your real thoughts under a different name. ^_^; What's true and... more
            • ((Touche, touche))<3<3<3, Sat Sep 8 8:36pm
              I assure you there is no waste! Unless I am a trash can, omnom. ((And I just meant the general concept, there. |D I am not terribly good at this game; mostly it's the bare-bones idea (in this case... more
      • "Mostly," Part 2.2 (SFW, hurt/comfortish)Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 4 11:09pm
        Time passed. “Brother? . . . Derik?” “Hn?” His eyes snapped open and he started up with a sharp intake of breath. He’d almost drifted off. How pathetic. Thoth took his hand from... more
        • <3<3<3<3, Thu Sep 6 12:04pm
          Delayed gratification is a wonderful, wonderful thing. And it is better, yes!
          • |m|Lemony Eggnog, Thu Sep 6 11:44pm
            (( The horns, if you're wondering. As in, rock on! ~Neshomeh ))
      • "Mostly," Part 2.1 (SFW, hurt/comfortish)Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 4 11:08pm
        The Duty intervened such that it was nine days before they were able to meet in RC 2112r again. To Derik’s chagrin, he had indeed suffered from second thoughts, both figuratively, in that he despised ... more
        • Interesting work hereMotherShipper, Fri Sep 7 12:29pm
          I like how you've taken time to nail Derik and Thoth's characters. It makes the whole thing so much more believable and exciting, and I always enjoy flowery confessions of love! I think there's a... more
          • Ah, grasshopper, you have much still to learn.Lemony Eggnog, Fri Sep 7 10:28pm
            Love is a grand, life-changing thing, but it doesn't magically make everything perfect! We're dealing with one guy who isn't supposed to be having any of the feelings he's having and is pretty... more
      • "Mostly," Part 1 (SFW)Lemony Eggnog, Mon Sep 3 4:13pm
        Over the two years Derik and Thoth had known each other, they had settled into a routine. They met in Response Center 2112r weekly, give or take: less often if the Duty interfered, more often if they ... more
        • "Cute."ShadowMoonDarkSun, Thu Sep 6 7:28pm
          How absolutely adorable. However, while it might but cute, it lacks all sophistication. It feels unrealistic and fake. This isn't what two men would do with one another. Or even one man. What I'm... more
          • Ahahaha oh god, you're serious.Lemony Eggnog, Thu Sep 6 11:41pm
            Oh, boy. That's not an expression of exasperated disbelief—okay, it is, but I am also addressing you as the misguided kid I assume you are. Listen, girl. It sounds like you're getting all your... more
            • You just don't understand men.ShadowMoonDarkSun, Fri Sep 7 4:21pm
              ((...And thank you for giving this alter ego some well-deserved smacks, Neshomeh.))
              • I'm sorry, I must've blinked.Lemony Eggnog, Fri Sep 7 10:06pm
                When did I fall through the rift into your home dimension, where men aren't human beings? Dare I ask what the women are like here? --Lemony (( And there's the peak snark I have so much fun... more
        • This? Badfic? Surely not!<3<3<3, Tue Sep 4 10:31am
          If this had been with any two characters - guys, girls, neither, mixed - I would have loved it just as much! Though, that IS a problem: it might be too general in its love potency! I eagerly await... more
          • Ouch!Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 4 10:56am
            Too general? You wound me, sir/madam/starfish. Granted, the moment one friend confesses to another that their feelings have changed CAN happen to anyone... Well, hopefully the next part will clear... more
        • That was awesoooome!!!JessamintheCreed99, Tue Sep 4 12:14am
          Omg, gay guys are like so hot, am I right?? Siriusly (lol) good stuff there, I loved it sooo much! Write more plz! <3 <3 <3
          • Thanks, I think.Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 4 10:40am
            I mean... sure? In the sense that all love between consenting adults is hot? But I shall write more, indeed, and hopefully make it more clear that gayness in and of itself is not the driving force... more
            • I am disturbedLordHammerfell, Fri Sep 7 10:23pm
              I find your lack of confidence saddening. You must not phrase so much of your language as questions, and I find your confused response in the face of foolishness similarly disheartening. You must be... more
              • I am confident!Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 12:32am
                Awww, you literal-minded Imperial Fist type. I was being sarcastic, darling. I'll rephrase: All expressions of love between consenting adults are hot. Good communication is hot. Consent is hot.... more
                • This is not an area of my expertise.LordHammerfell, Sat Sep 8 8:13pm
                  I do not "ship," and I tend assume people involved in "shipping" lack various virtues I aspire to. I should probably stay in my depth, namely, heroism, friendship, the tragedy of the righteous... more
                  • That's fair.Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 9:19pm
                    ♪It's okay to not like things.♪ And I'd tend to agree that your common-or-garden-variety shipper does tend to lack... let's go with prudence and temperance, those are virtues and also... more
                  • ...Thus indicating...ShadowMoonDarkSun, Sat Sep 8 8:27pm
                    That you lack the manliness and power to be secure in your masculinity. Real men are secure enough in their maleness to not care about their desire to see men together in fiction, to watch one become ... more
                    • NoLordHammerfell, Sat Sep 8 8:56pm
                      I simply have no desire to see a man become another's "dominant mate," among other things.
    • I'm going to be lazyNovastorme, Mon Sep 3 1:50pm
      And because of the perfect timing. This is your prompt for the fortnight. Badfic. AKA see above. Novastorme.
      • 3/10BlueBirb39, Mon Sep 3 3:52pm
        While I must appreciace the varicosity of this daring, experimental work, it's laking in severl impotent aspects. I found that the joe, such as it was, fell flat, ar lest to my orbs. Additionally, as ... more
      • Kk so unpoplarer opinion time: i like this!!JayBird, Mon Sep 3 3:39pm
        I now, i now, ppl are gonig to say its' "not a sotry" and "dosent make sents', but i lik it!! Is't metter, and the pPC is alabout metter. >~JB~<
        • WELL WELL WELL SO WE MEET AGAINNightmareTwisteyTheDemonFoxAnimatronic, Mon Sep 3 8:30pm
          I've been working on finishing "The New Recruit" in the time between Badfic Games. See? I do things with my life. Unlike you. Anyway, stay tuned, it'll come out soon. -Nightmare
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