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Flowers indeed!
Tue Sep 4, 2018 10:08am

I imagine Ix and Charlotte will have a bit of a workload when they get back from their fun. :P

And yeah, the stuff about wandless magic comes off of PottermoreŚwands are largely a European invention, and African and Native American wizards still stick to wandless magic. Students from Uagadou like being able to get away with deliberate magic by claiming it was accidental ("I was just pointing at him, I swear I didn't mean to turn him into a newt!"). I imagine it won't be easy getting over the idea that you need a wand to perform magic, though, so Ix won't be lobbing fireballs anytime soon. :P

I did intend for that to be 'to' instead of 'on'. The actual mistake was 'placed' instead of 'pressed', so I'll go fix that now.

Thanks for the review!

  • Re: missiondoctorlit, Tue Sep 4 8:24am
    Wow. That badfic sure had a lot of weird little idiosyncrasies to it. I'm impressed you were able to keep the mission itself so short and readable. I'll have to keep that strategy in mind for when I... more
    • Flowers indeed! — Iximaz, Tue Sep 4 10:08am
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