A mind like yours clearly can't comprehend ours, 'mate'.
Tue Sep 4, 2018 10:23am

For your information, our acronym comes from the Latin, because it is classical. The Latin word for Oldbie is 'vetusbie', and as you may know, the Latins always wrote U as V, so in American that would be 'uetusbie'.


-signed, the Societatum for the Promotionem of Uetusbie Dominatus

((With thanks and apologies to Google Translate! :D))

  • Uh, shouldn't you be called *SPOD*?Avlates_usted, Tue Sep 4 10:00am
    Like, sure, Spud is an actual word, but olbie doesn't start with a U. Check your spelling, mate. ~~A_u** PS: also, why would you want to be called after a potato? What do oldbies have to do with... more
    • A mind like yours clearly can't comprehend ours, 'mate'. — S.P.U.D., Tue Sep 4 10:23am
    • Ooh, wait, better idea!Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 4 10:13am
      S.P.E.W.! Society for the Promotion of Elders Winning! It's canon-referential AND all the words fit the acronym AND it sounds exactly as ridiculous as it is! It's perfect! --Lemony
      • Careful, mate...<3<3<3 'ooc', Tue Sep 4 10:38am
        That sounded SUSPICIOUSLY like an OOC OPINION! ... I almost miswrote that as 'onion'. And now I want an onion. In any case, carry on! ((I'm joking, I'm joking. XD I tell you, I am TERRIBLE with... more
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