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((More response later, but the PPC OFU...))
Tue Sep 4, 2018 12:32pm

((...seems to be going ahead, at least on my part. I can't promise it'll have exactly the same flavor, since it's been a year, I don't remember much of anything I had planned, and so on, but I kind of grabbed a couple of things from the discussion in the thread and...well, I think it's happening. Might not show up right away, or even today, but there's a good half a page or so of one scene, a couple lines for another in the same chapter, and an idea for an 'interlude' chapter at some point.

EPL, do feel free to jump in/let me know if you want to jump in...I'm not sure you've made an appearance in the games yet this year? Anyway. I'm continuing with a chapter for now, since I found the inspiration+time combination I ended up lacking for it last year, but if you also still want to keep going, you're more than welcome! :)


  • I'm conflicted.Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 4 11:18am
    This seems to be a recurring trend with your writing. Pros: - Cycling partners and Jacque's varying levels of success at hitting on them is a fun idea for a fic! - Everyone is very nearly in... more
    • ((More response later, but the PPC OFU...)) — Zingenmir, Tue Sep 4 12:32pm
      • ((Oh man, I almost forgot about that one))eatpraylove, Wed Sep 12 11:10am
        ((From what I remember, I started it as a straight-up rewrite of the original with a bunch of OC agents, then you made it more like a proper OFU with representations of those characters' authors. So, ... more
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