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Lemony Eggnog
Should I apologize?
Tue Sep 4, 2018 11:34pm

No, wait, your edit says you're NOT actually blaming this on me. But on the other hand, I did eggnog you on last year, so I still feel somewhat responsible, especially if this ends up as M-rated as your last story. Hmm.

I have to say, your grasp of characterization has improved vastly since then! You have hit on something I can almost see for Ilraen if I squint sideways, and I could just about suspend my disbelief for Nume. If something like this happened in the same universe as "The Cabin," maybe, just maybe...

But... MotherShipper. Sweetie. I gotta tell ya, the whole deal with the aphrodisiac flowers weirds me out a little. I appreciate the attempt to justify the situation, that's a good, wholesome impulse, but the thing is, you can't consent if you're drugged. Especially if you're too gosh-darn innocent to know you've been drugged. I'm slightly terrified for Little Boy Blue here.

Nume, too, but we all know he'll have a comedic freakout and drown himself in Bleepka later no matter what. He'll be fine, the silly lovable darling. :P

Consider me cautiously intrigued, but prepared to deny everything.


(( Ilraen gets a Very Odd Day series? Really? {X D

(( I am also slightly terrified of what happens when the M-rating kicks in. I'm perfectly happy not trying to picture the fine details of Andalite anatomy! Really! There are things man is not meant to know!

(( Really very amused, though. ^_^

~Neshomeh ))

  • Ilraen's Vacation (Part I)MotherShipper, Tue Sep 4 4:55pm
    I really liked what Lemony Eggnog wrote earlier, and after talking with them for a bit I got a FANTASTIC idea for a story! The first part's really boring filler but I promise it'll get better!... more
    • Ilraen's Vacation (Part II)MotherShipper, Mon Sep 10 10:06pm
      Hey, guys! I finished another part of my fic!! Unfortunately, because of Da Rulez here, I have to link to it instead. Enjoy! Link is NSFW GDoc
      • I am disappoint.Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 11 11:05am
        First, in response to your note: Okay but no. a) You didn't do that. I got that Ilraen was interested, but not even a hint of curiosity from Nume before the flowers. b) Even if you had, thinking... more
        • ok Flamer be that way!MotherShipper, Tue Sep 11 12:11pm
          ((Really, though, in case someone gets the wrong idea: Yeah, this very much isn't consent and it's terrible. Also, I maaaaay have lifted some of those descriptions straight out of Legendary Badfics.... more
      • o_o Well, one thing's for sure...<3<3<3, Tue Sep 11 10:18am
        Nume would NOT have tried it without that Bleepka! Is there such a thing as 'sexily girthy', though? I ask purely out of curiosity. This fic, on the whole, IS sexy - and it's only bestiality if the... more
      • Umm, okay...JessamintheCreed99, Tue Sep 11 10:07am
        You realize that this totally makes Nume a bestiality, right?
    • Should I apologize? — Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 4 11:34pm
    • Edit since I can't edit:MotherShipper, Tue Sep 4 4:58pm
      Hee, Internet usernames are so hard to get straight! ^_^ I didn't speak with Lemony Eggnog about this, but I did speak with someone else who had a similar idea.
      • I am cackling quietly. <3<3<3, Tue Sep 4 10:41pm
        One of my favorite tropes! You're all right, friend; you're all right.
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