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Your rong!
Wed Sep 5, 2018 4:02am

Voldemot isn’t cyte, so he doesnt get to be turned int sumthin cute. Hes evillllll, it doesn’t make any sender for himm to be cute.

(“Sender” in case you wondered, was what my spellcheck did to a deliberately mangled version of “sense”. That’s too weird to leave out.)

  • um noJayBird, Tue Sep 4 10:27am
    Hairy Potter would nevr turn Voldemont into scropions, becaue scroptions ARETN' CUTE. obvously. NEway wasnt' Darco Malfoy's middde name Scropio or somethin???? sure i remember sthing lik that! ~JB~
    • Your rong! — AwesomePrincessMinty, Wed Sep 5 4:02am
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