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New member
Wed Sep 5, 2018 11:10pm

Hello, everyone. My name is Jacob and I would like to become a part of your community.

I found the PPC through TVTropes a few months back and became interested in it after reading the original series. After thumbing through most of the wiki and seeing all it had to offer, I felt like this was a place I would want to hang out in and decided to join the boards.

What I mainly hope to contribute is this place is, besides having someone else to converse with, is providing feedback and partaking in your activities. I might have a bad fic or two I'm willing to suggest that might be of interest to you.

I suppose the big question you're wondering is if I want to try my hand at writing for you fellows. Truthfully, I'm kinda on the fence about that. I do have some characters I've toyed with re-purposing for use here, as well as an idea or two for interludes, but my primary creative interests lie elsewhere and my writing would take quite a while to get done. If I do ask for permission, my stories would all be humorous or deconstructive parodies at most. I really don't do serious writing.

Thanks for reading all this and I hope I can fit in well here.

Fandoms: Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, Sword Art Online, Strike Witches, Dragonball Z, Super Smash Bros, MCU, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Star Ocean, Neptunia, Another Code, Touhou
Favorite Characters: Ashley Robbins (Another Code), Neptune (Neptunia), Mario, Sonic
Lust Objects: Jessica Robbins (Another Code), Vert (Neptunia), Reimu Hakurei (Touhou)

    • Belated Welcome aBoard!SkarmorySilver, Mon Sep 10 10:18am
      Have one of my own shed feathers and a Party Ball full of Super Mushrooms! The mushrooms really do change your size, so use them wisely!
    • Welcome!Akrinor, Fri Sep 7 4:13pm
      Have a seat by the fire, grab a cup of cocoa and feel free to leave your sanity by the door. If you like conversing with people I'd suggest joining our Discord server; here's an invite. For your... more
    • Greetings and salutations!61516, Thu Sep 6 8:47pm
      Have a suit of genuine Imperial Guard flak armor, mantel of choice for countless heroes! I hope you enjoy yourself on this board.
    • Hello newbie.Hardric, Thu Sep 6 12:07pm
      Please have a pot of black-hole coffee. And yeah, I'm repeating what others said at this point, but parody and humour were the basis for the PPC, and always are. Who knows, maybe you'll want to try... more
    • Welcome!Neshomeh, Thu Sep 6 11:37am
      *sticks a bumper-sticker to you* I'm not usually a welcome-wagoner, but the Board's been kinda quiet lately. Don't want you to think no one's home! Like Ix said, humorous, parodic deconstruction is... more
    • Dai Stiho!S.M.F., Thu Sep 6 10:48am
      /offers you a piece of dark chocolate bark - or white, or milk. Your choice!/ Scroll around, check out the Badfic Games, volunteer to beta-read something! There's lots to do. ^^
    • Greetings, newbie!Snowblaze, Thu Sep 6 3:47am
      For your newbie gift, have a key. I donít know what it unlocks yet, but youíll find out.
    • Newbie! *glomp* *poke*Iximaz, Thu Sep 6 12:01am
      Hello, and welcome aBoard! For your newbie gift, take this plate of freshly-made SPaGhetti! If you haven't yet read them, may I point you towards the Original Series and the Constitution ? They're... more
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