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Hello there, sir.
Thu Sep 6, 2018 11:21am

It feels really nice speaking to you again. Hopes life has been treating you well so far and in the future.

Speaking of plans, I stumbled on some fantasy webseries where narrative laws are pretty much a divinely enforced thing: Ever considered constantly switching plans? Rules say the first step is always a success, so constantly having a first step going could be the way to go. I mean, if a magical tyrant can base his own rule upon this idea...

  • Re: Combat SkillsSgt. Maj. [Ret] Emiranlanoamar of Gallifrey, Tue Sep 4 12:59pm
    Oh, please. Kozar is being far too strict here: by my estimates Xandria was performing as well as a standard Gallifreyan conscript a year ago. If we had more time I could polish her up to standard... more
    • Hello there, sir. — Hardric, Thu Sep 6 11:21am
      • Son.Sgt. Maj. [Ret] Emiranlanoamar of Gallifrey, Thu Sep 6 5:48pm
        I am a veteran of the Last Great Time War, a conflict that spanned dimensions and the very essence of time itself. I watched timelines been born, age, wither, and die in the blink of an eye, orders... more
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