Of course she isn't evil.
Thu Sep 6, 2018 11:56am

None of the Oldbies are evil, because they're in charge of the PPC, and the PPC is good. Therefore, none of their agents are evil either.

I'm sure Jaycacia thinks she's in charge of the PPC, but that's just what S.P.U.D. want her to think...

((So. I was going with namesake agents, obviously wildly misinterpreted in the case of Kaitlyn and "Juliette"; looking up whether Delta has a current self-insert was too much like hard work, so I badficced it up and invented one. ^_^

((No idea who the other 8 former members of in-universe S.P.U.D. would be. Who else was here early on, had an agent named after them, and stuck around long enough to become an oldbie? I was going to say they've kind of gone out of fashion, but given that my own Agent!hS only exists because I signed up to appear in Suedom, I'm not sure they were ever much in fashion. ~hS

((PS: And now if we slip up and accidentally reveal our actual plans for domination, they'll all think it's a reference to this. Eeeeexcellent.))

  • r these OCS?brandywine_baby89, Thu Sep 6 11:24am
    Not Huniesoron, I know he's an aelf and I thini he;s the same person as agent Ilian. vY does every1 think he's inc harag of the PPC, tho? if u read JayBird's stories, u should KNOW it's the SO and... more
    • Of course she isn't evil. — S.P.U.D., Thu Sep 6 11:56am
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