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Sgt. Maj. [Ret] Emiranlanoamar of Gallifrey
Thu Sep 6, 2018 5:48pm

I am a veteran of the Last Great Time War, a conflict that spanned dimensions and the very essence of time itself. I watched timelines been born, age, wither, and die in the blink of an eye, orders and battle plans swallowed up by hyper-entropic decay, and entire platoons gamble their existence based on intel valid in only a fraction of rapidly-shifting timelines. I do know quite a bit about narrative laws yanking the carpet from under me; however I firmly believe that the universe owes me a break for once and can concede about an hour a week for riflery and PT.

Or maybe I'm old and set in my ways.


  • Hello there, sir.Hardric, Thu Sep 6 11:21am
    It feels really nice speaking to you again. Hopes life has been treating you well so far and in the future. Speaking of plans, I stumbled on some fantasy webseries where narrative laws are pretty... more
    • Son. — Sgt. Maj. [Ret] Emiranlanoamar of Gallifrey, Thu Sep 6 5:48pm
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