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Fri Sep 7, 2018 8:08pm

Listen SMDS, you wanna roll with the big boy over on 40k street, you gotta learn how Space Marines work. First of all, they are not "alpha." Each space marine was designed to take orders without question, and serve with totall loyalty. Even a hertic astartes is still just the peaon of a bigger, nastier Chaos Champion, so unless Thoth has gotten a promotion while I wasn't looking, he and Derick are in the same boat. The 'guy-who-gets-told-what-to-do-and-damn-the-consequences boat".

  • "After Class" [NSFW]ShadowMoonDarkSun, Fri Sep 7 5:41pm
    So, Lemony has been doing "her" version of Thorik, which is blatantly unrealistic and wrong. Here's a much better, more realistic way to go about it. -- ((This fic is NSFW. It contains aspects of... more
    • So obviously I had to scope out the competition...Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 12:04am
      All I can say is wow. You actually got an emotional response from me. It was laughter. I'm not sure I've ever read anything less sexy in my life. It's possible, but honestly, I doubt it. You're too... more
    • Well... — LordHammerfell, Fri Sep 7 8:08pm
      • Hmm...ShadowMoonDarkSun, Fri Sep 7 8:54pm
        Ordinarily, this may be the case. But what I don't think you understand is that being in a relationship fundamentally changes the dynamic. Once two men enter a relationship, that relationship will be ... more
        • I mean...LordHammerfell, Fri Sep 7 9:16pm
          I think a human/astartes relationship would be unstable anyway. Marines can't really function outside the doctrines of the chapter, war-band, or legion.
          • Eh. Not really?Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 12:23am
            Wait, sorry, I'll rephrase that as a statement for you: I do not entirely agree with what you're saying. While it's true that Space Marines were created and conditioned to serve, they were also left... more
            • I've failed to communicate my idea.LordHammerfell, Sat Sep 8 8:32pm
              I meant that astartes are hierarchical. A marine is not truly at home (I know about metaphors) without a rigid command structure, even if he is at the top of it. Thoth could not "assume a position of ... more
              • Oh! Yeah, okay.Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 9:44pm
                On the other hand--and I know I may seem to be agreeing with DimBulbDeadGlow for a minute here, but bear with me--being technically equal in rank doesn't necessarily mean being equal in... more
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