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Lemony Eggnog
Eh. Not really?
Sat Sep 8, 2018 12:23am

Wait, sorry, I'll rephrase that as a statement for you:

I do not entirely agree with what you're saying.

While it's true that Space Marines were created and conditioned to serve, they were also left with the greater part of the personality traits that made them individuals. The Emperor and his gene-wrights were clever enough to remember that, genetically and socially, diversification means survival. See, if they just wanted a bunch of guys who were all basically the same and were only good at following orders, taking a beating, and little else, they could've just bred or cloned them like the migou laborers on Terra. But they didn't. They took tough kiddos with different skill sets and wrought them into super-tough kiddos with unfaltering(ish) loyalty and different skill sets. Sure, you need plenty of common soldiers to fill the ranks, but even a common Astartes soldier shouldn't have to go whining to his superior officer for permission to wipe his arse, now, should he? Because out there in the big bad galaxy, beset by xenos and heretics and whatnot on all sides, thinking outside the box and adapting to constantly changing circumstances isn't just useful; it's vital.

TL;DR: Space Marines may not all be leaders, but they sure as heck ain't all followers, either.

Anyway, Agent Thoth has the rules and mores of HQ to keep his head on straight. That counts!


  • I mean...LordHammerfell, Fri Sep 7 9:16pm
    I think a human/astartes relationship would be unstable anyway. Marines can't really function outside the doctrines of the chapter, war-band, or legion.
    • Eh. Not really? — Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 12:23am
      • I've failed to communicate my idea.LordHammerfell, Sat Sep 8 8:32pm
        I meant that astartes are hierarchical. A marine is not truly at home (I know about metaphors) without a rigid command structure, even if he is at the top of it. Thoth could not "assume a position of ... more
        • Oh! Yeah, okay.Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 9:44pm
          On the other hand--and I know I may seem to be agreeing with DimBulbDeadGlow for a minute here, but bear with me--being technically equal in rank doesn't necessarily mean being equal in... more
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