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/almost forgot to not be my usual self!
Sat Sep 8, 2018 9:49am

"Have you realized yet that this is both madness and folly?"

Ahh, but that makes this all the more sweet!

Despite the descriptions, the body mods actually sound... beautiful? Though that may just be me, being poetic. =P

Fan theories!

((I did laugh at the description of the eyes.))

Only mostly... /brushes off a tear/

  • "Mostly," Part 3 (( Link to Gdoc ))Lemony Eggnog, Fri Sep 7 11:39pm
    (( Because Part 3 is too long to break up for the Board. {= P (( Still probably SFW? Involves Astartes body-mods being kinda squicky to a guy from a planet that still has a taboo against surgery... more
    • /almost forgot to not be my usual self! — <3<3<3, Sat Sep 8 9:49am
      • Oh good, someone gets it.Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 6:54pm
        Good to know my effort is not totally wasted here. --Lemony (( I... actually can't tell if you're playing a character or just posting your real thoughts under a different name. ^_^; What's true and... more
        • ((Touche, touche))<3<3<3, Sat Sep 8 8:36pm
          I assure you there is no waste! Unless I am a trash can, omnom. ((And I just meant the general concept, there. |D I am not terribly good at this game; mostly it's the bare-bones idea (in this case... more
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