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Sat Sep 8, 2018 11:07am

*starts coughing*

Okay, let's take a look here.

First of all, I enjoyed reading the prompts, genuinely enjoyed it. I smiled the whole way through both of them, and I didn't notice any SPaG errors jumping out at me. And I saw you screaming at the fic in the chat last night, so you definitely picked a zinger for your first mission. Thumbs up.

The main question I have pertains to the first prompt. Well, two questions, really.

Why does Theo fix up cars in his RC? Who does he repair them for? Other agents in HQ won't exactly have a need for them, and if he's giving DoSAT a hand in his free time, I'd imagine he would just go to their workshops where there's more room.

What's the sudden reference to Doctor Who supposed to be for? I keep rereading that bit trying to figure out if the car Theo is fixing is supposed to be the "bigger on the bottom" TARDIS or not, or if he brings it up for some other equally unexplained reason.

When you see this I'd love to hear some explanations for the above two questions, but otherwise, I'm going to say Permission granted.

*sticks a party hat on your head*

  • Permission requestSnowy the Sane Fangirl, Sat Sep 8 3:58am
    I'd like to open by thanking Larfen J. Stocke for betaing these prompts for me and checking over my character bios. And without further ado I'd like to request permission for the following agents to... more
    • Congratulations!Hardric, Tue Sep 11 3:10pm
      Hope your spin-off will be long and interesting to read. Also, now fellow knight of Plort, let me give as a gift a self-updating guidebook of all the deathtraps in the multiverse. Throw glitterbags... more
    • Congrats! *tosses Spikes*SkarmorySilver, Mon Sep 10 9:23am
      It's a bit surprising to see the Permission request in the Board post itself rather than in a collection of Google docs, which is what lots of other Boarders have done before, but it doesn't matter... more
    • Congrats!AC, Sun Sep 9 11:01pm
      I was really looking forward to your eventual Permission request, and it definitely delivered!
    • Congratulations!61516, Sun Sep 9 11:50am
      Because people don't like the English dub:
    • Permission... — Iximaz, Sat Sep 8 11:07am
      • Many thanks!Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Sat Sep 8 3:40pm
        Now that you mention it, I guess those bits were a little confusing. I was thinking Theo was fixing cars for people outside of HQ, mostly in New Caledonia. I was thinking it would be a kind of "Hey,... more
        • AyyyyLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Sat Sep 8 10:35pm
          I knew it! Knew it'd be a first try! You got some good stuff in there, Snowy, and I'm bloody well excited to see more of it. Good on ya!
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