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OMG tat's so scary!!!
Sat Sep 8, 2018 6:31pm

U gave me nightmares for lyfe u meanine!!!! LOL.

I'm glad ur not posessed by satan nemore tho. My BFF whos a hacker always tole me never 2 downlaod any X-files, and I guess thats' wy!

Fox Mulder is hawt tho, LOL!


(( Today I learned that Brandy does not know the difference between The X-Files and a .EXE file. {X D ))

  • PPC da Video Gaem: SATAN EDITONXXEPICJAKEdaTNThogEXEXX, Sat Sep 8 4:11pm
    Wats up every1 its XXEPICJAKEdaTNThogEXEXX an im a kewl sonic minecraft youtuber. if u want 2 check my chanel out u can its da same as my bored user name but thats not the point of my post. teh point ... more
    • OMG tat's so scary!!! — brandywine_baby89, Sat Sep 8 6:31pm
    • Excuse you.S.P.U.D., Sat Sep 8 5:32pm
      Huinesoron would never write lines of gibberish in his emails (however you spell it). He is an Oldbie, and every word that comes from an Oldbie's fingertips is pure genius. The rest of this sounds... more
    • 1. A text-to-speech program: 2. This music in the background: Enjoy the fic. LONG LIVE HUNSERUM!!!
      • Hunserum?xlmnop, Thu Sep 13 1:49pm
        Dat's a NEW one! =O oookay, this fic review seccion is now ALL ABOUT new nick's for hS! Hweenasoar! Halloweenasoron! otars?
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