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I've failed to communicate my idea.
Sat Sep 8, 2018 8:32pm

I meant that astartes are hierarchical. A marine is not truly at home (I know about metaphors) without a rigid command structure, even if he is at the top of it. Thoth could not "assume a position of dominance" over Derick because they are the same rank. Even if a marine doesn't need "permission to wipe his arse" (I'll never be able to get rid of that image), he couldn't just start giving commands to his equals.

  • Eh. Not really?Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 12:23am
    Wait, sorry, I'll rephrase that as a statement for you: I do not entirely agree with what you're saying. While it's true that Space Marines were created and conditioned to serve, they were also left... more
    • I've failed to communicate my idea. — LordHammerfell, Sat Sep 8 8:32pm
      • Oh! Yeah, okay.Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 9:44pm
        On the other hand--and I know I may seem to be agreeing with DimBulbDeadGlow for a minute here, but bear with me--being technically equal in rank doesn't necessarily mean being equal in... more
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