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Lemony Eggnog
Oh! Yeah, okay.
Sat Sep 8, 2018 9:44pm

On the other hand--and I know I may seem to be agreeing with DimBulbDeadGlow for a minute here, but bear with me--being technically equal in rank doesn't necessarily mean being equal in power/authority. The power dynamics of a relationship (any sort) between an Astartes and a human would seem to be weighted toward the Astartes in most cases, wouldn't they?

I mean, Thoth is way older than Derik, in all ways more powerful, and until recently used to thinking of himself as superior to all mortals.

BUT, Derik was a Weyrleader, or at least he remembers being one. He's a take-charge kinda guy, and he has the advantage of way more relevant experience in the PPC, plus his offbeat Harpery/Phantomy charm. :)

Seeing how the scales find balance between them is part of the fun of writing them. ^_^

And you're welcome for the mental image. When you think of it, think also of me. <3


(( Your comment is especially funny because the issue of Space Marine superiority and whether or not Thoth gets to assert it over Derik as his teacher is a thing we're dealing with in the canon storyline. Spoiler: the answer is a firm hell no. {X D ))

  • I've failed to communicate my idea.LordHammerfell, Sat Sep 8 8:32pm
    I meant that astartes are hierarchical. A marine is not truly at home (I know about metaphors) without a rigid command structure, even if he is at the top of it. Thoth could not "assume a position of ... more
    • Oh! Yeah, okay. — Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 9:44pm
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